Ivan Gazidis


They are reportedly DOUBLING his salary. He’d really find it hard to refuse unless he’s extremely settled here and doesn’t need the money.


Milan have an ambitious core of new American owners and they’ve clearly earmarked him as someone that can help the club grow financially.

Milan made some shocking decisions over the last 20 years which means a club that should be one of Europe’s top 5/6 clubs are barely a fixture anymore.

But they’ve made some good appointments behind the scenes and hopefully removing Gattuso comes soon and Conte comes in to actually make them competitive again.



Sounds worrying.


Sounds like horse shite.

Is he still doing the job as best he can? I’m sure he is.


why would emery care if gazidis goes, he is not key to his job is he…sensationalist bollocks. I dont think anyone at the club care that much people come and go and his position can easily by filled and possibly with someone that is even better talk about make a sky is falling story out of a few raindrops.


The San Siro’s a concrete shit hole anyway. Let him have it.


Size of club really doesn’t matter. He’s a CEO, he’s not going to a club to win trophies and polish his medals, he’s going to have operational control and get paid well.

Unless he’s tied to London for some reason, I can’t see any reason he wouldn’t want to go. I certainly would.


Appointing the right CEO/chairman can have major implications for the general direction of a club. The Spanish clubs work with elections but look at what Calderon did at Real Madrid and after him Perez.


Apparently Milan are tired of the Gazidis chase, thank god for that as I really wouldn’t know what we’d do without him.



Please don’t go.
You’ve done so much for our club.
Since you’ve joined we’ve gone from title contenders to fighting for sixth place with Burnley. while losing all our best players on the way.

We will miss your lies to the supporters and your modesty but I’m sure Inter Milan will benefit from your magic touch.


Bored of this story… who knows what was/is going on, but I find it terribly annoying the days when we are fretting the departure of so and so or so and so… those days when Vieira, Henry, Cesc were flirting or being courted were so f*ing annoying.


It’s middle of september and he hasn’t gone yet. Made up story about him leaving?


He’s gone


Cya Ivan.


Adios, at least he got some stuff changed before he went offski. Hopefully the new guy can get better commercial deals than the Puma rubbish baldy brought in.



Fucking prick. I had come around to giving him the benefit of the doubt in the past year for his restructuring work but now if the shit hits the fan and his decisions regarding personnel don’t work, he won’t be here to feel the heat.

He couldn’t wait to show off and flex his muscles during Wenger’s departure and made it very clear that he was the main mind behind Emery’s appointment, but now he’s jumping ship before we can see the full effects of his changes

Absolute coward.


A million dollars is a lot of money, I’d move if I was him. It’s a job to these guys, and why shouldn’t it be?