Ivan Gazidis


Don’t care if he goes anymore.


Why would you care in the first place? What has he done?


Dunno tbh


Won’t mind Josh Kroenke coming in to fill Gazidis’ void. Heard he is a pure sports guy so being involved may motivate him and his dad treat the Arsenal Project as a proper football club. Club definitely needs some attention.


Anyone who has the surname Kroenke is no good for our club.
Since he bought us, he has done nothing for the club, and we are further from a PL title, or even a CL place, than we’ve ever been.



Unfortunately, our last resort is Josh getting invested into the club.


I think we have bigger worries at the club right now than Ivan wanting to move on. I do question his timing but perhaps the offer is just too attractive, or he isn’t fully getting his way even with Arsene gone. Whatever it is, it’s the results on the pitch that matter most right now.


Why? Everyone can change his job. Not the end of the world in the end.


I’m not bothered too much that he is leaving because, along with Wenger, they lied to supporters, or at best misled them.
What worries me is why he is leaving.

We are supposed to be one of the richest, most profitable and ambitious clubs in Europe and he is leaving to go to a league, in a country, that has struggled in recent seasons because the clubs aren’t as strong as they used to be, with a national team that certainly isn’t as strong, and who’s record of corruption is second to none.

I can only assume that AC Milan are offering much higher wages because they feel Gazidis is the best man for the job, so what do they see in him that we don’t?

It doesn’t say much for us that someone so involved with the club would leave to go to an inferior league.
Does he feel Kroenke lacks ambition and that he is only here for the money rather than the success?


For more money. So chill.


So what do AC Milan see in him that we don’t and why would he leave a bigger club to go there?
He must see something going on here that he isn’t comfortable with and that must be our lack of ambition.

The fact that they are offering him more money than he gets here must be an indication of their ambition compared to ours.


Money. He sees money. If we offer him the same deal he’ll stay. We really shouldn’t.

Appointing a CEO does not = ambition.


I’d say AC Milan are much bigger than us tbh


By what measure? Not disagreeing necessarily, just interested in the logic.


The fact they have won lots of CL’s and I just feel they are one of the biggest clubs in the world


I don’t think “much” is true any more… I think it is fair to say they are bigger in the global historical scheme of football, but the trending of them vs. us and EPL vs. Italian league over the last 10-15 years really has massively shifted the balance of power and “brand equity.”

I think it is close now and by many objective measures we are now a far bigger club, so it really depends on your historical perspective. Last Forbes’ ranking had our club value at over 2.2 billion and AC Milan at 612 million, for example.


I think yous are both right basically.


I think also atm AC Milan may be the “sexier” job atm… they aren’t as big or powerful as us, but they basically have one superteam in the league (Juventus, who are still far smaller financially than ManU, City, Arsenal, Chelsea, Pool) to compete with and you are in Milan, not London… and you can still find ways to maybe get lucky in CL every once in a while…


Milan are a bigger club, probably not doing as well at the moment but still.
Anyway, a CEO doesn’t give a shit about stuff like that unless you are proper fan. It’s all about that pay rise.