Ivan Gazidis


Honestly reckon its about money. Milan probably made an offer he couldn’t refuse. Probably used Arsenal as a stepping stone to prove he could manage as a CEO of a top European club. CV is looking good so time for the next pay day.


Personally I see it as a pretty reasonable and intelligent, if somewhat pragmatic move on his part. He’s obviously reveling in a lot of praise at the moment for the revolution at Arsenal and to be fair to him he seems to have got pretty astute people into the right positions. If this season goes well he’ll be considered one of the main catalysts and driving forces behind the success, and if it goes to shit in typical Arsenal fashion, fuck it, he’ll be in Italy.

His stock isn’t going to be higher so why shouldn’t he cash in, he is a businessman after all.


Yeah, and I’d imagine he feels he’s done his part with the transition being finished and is now with his boys in Milan.

I hope we can get the right CEO to replace him though.
I’d love it to be someone who gets the club but let’s see.

I’m sure the club has a shortlist.


He’s been here 10 years. I couldn’t imagine what could keep me in my current job that long.



Arseblog has really got his finger on the pulse with this one eh


I’m wondering if the entire British press has still heard nothing about this? :joy:


He’s been talking about it on the podcast since the stories first emerged in fairness. He’s just reporting what he’s now heard form his source, a bit like Ornstein would do.


Fify :wink:

Speaking of which I just checked his page for some info and he spoke about Gazidis 4 days ago.


So we’ll see who’s more legit arseblog or The Mole :grin:


Image Big Wenga replacing him :wenger2:


Yea, loads of experience as a CEO


That would be the worst thing that could ever happen



Not even 2mil what a mug



Can’t see Gazidis jumping ship at this point, why not stay to witness the tumultuous changes you instigated play out in a new era. Non story


Bloody knew it had to be a big contract to tempt Gazidis (if reports are true). There’d be no other reason to leave after such a short time from implementing progressive changes at the club.



No great loss if Gazidis leaves.


It’s a job, just leave within the terms of the contract and it’s respectful.