Ivan Gazidis


That’s for sure. Milan’s gain would be our gain, unless the Kroenkes manage to choose an equally incompetent bald cunt. (Highly possible)


He’s probably read enough OA to realise what a terrible managerial appointment he’s made and is getting out before the shit hits the fans.


He certainly wouldn’t get that from reading the OA, unless he has a real good eye for picking out the small minority of good posters :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :grimacing:

And if he had a real good eye for picking out things he probably wouldn’t’ve played a part in hiring Emery…so I think we can discard that idea.


If he is leaving he is a bald cunt frauding his way to the top. If he is staying he is a beautiful shinny shaved head in the proccess of making our new reign the best in the clubs history.


Gazidis wouldn’t go to a club heading in the wrong direction unless they had made him an offer that was impossible to refuse.

Im not saying Milan are heading in the right direction, but Gazidis must no our club inside out, and has looked at what Milan has offered and come to the conclusion it’s a far better offer, so he clearly thinks that they are heading in a direction that he wants to be part of, rather than our direction which appears to be drifting along like tumbleweed.


All he knows/has ever been involved in are clubs going in the wrong direction :joy:

I think you need to rethink that premise :grimacing:


Fine. But that’s a far cry from what you said initially that I called out as bollocks. You simply don’t know his reasons for going. If he is going.


Right fuck the outrage, I’m getting the popcorn out


Forza Milan!! If that’s what they say.


Think this is pretty much the explanation. Arsenal’s financial performance and his experience is probably a big reason why this American Elliott Group were interested.

Gazidis is a corporate type, doesn’t like to stay in one place for too long, wants a new experience etc.

Need to nail his replacement, arguably more important than replacing Wenger


So this cunt spent years trying to wrestle power away from Wenger, in the process wrecked our structure, made hollow promises to fix it and when the time came to actually putting his money where his mouth is, he fucks right off.

Never trusted this cunt to get anything done and his bullshit about the 3 headed structure. We’ve put far too much trust in these mercenaries with no structure or strategy at the top. If one more of Raul or Sven fuck off after him, what is the plan the club has in place to replace them. With the wheels coming off even before the engine started running, we could be an absolute car crash in a couple of years.

Or the other way to look at it is he’s completely justified in leaving as his bosses continue to show no ambition at all and with Wenger done, he no longer has anyone to hide behind. If I were him I’d much rather be at a place where I can earn my money, rather than just be the owners shield.


He worked for MLS from 94-2008 and us since so this just isn’t accurate.



They do like bald fuckers.


Fek me. Im absolutely flabbergasted


Does he know something we don’t and is deserting a sinking ship or is AC Milan a more attractive prospect?
Either way it doesn’t look good on us.


Maybe his wife prefers Italy?


Rather than North London.
Surely not?


Could be:

Salary - the most important issue for most people

Tranjectory of each club - Milan’s owners are investing. Where as Arsenal’s are not compared to it’s rivals

The risk of losing his job if the latest management change fails - will he be accountable if Arsenal remain outside the top4?

The relative difficulty of improving each clubs standing - Milan realistically should only having Juve standing in their way of succeeding once they start investing. Arsenal have more top teams blocking them

Expanded Role/Power - At Arsenal that is shared with Sven/Barce guy/Josh Kronke

Living in Italy is nicer

All real possibilities


Still don’t give a fuck. He’s just the chief executive. Easily replaced.