Ivan Gazidis


Still hearing rumors on Twitter that he’s leaving. I thought he was overseas with the rest of the team! The whole thing is very weird.


That doesn’t exclude one another.


@Cristo to succeed Gazidis?


I don’t know why anyone is worried that he might leave.
If he would rather go to AC Milan, then either he knows that Kroenke has no ambition other to see us drift around the top six hoping for a CL place, or Milan are offering him more money and are willing to invest heavily into the club.

Either way he is putting himself first, which I have no problem with, but since he and Kroenke came to the club we have gone from PL title contenders, and top four regulars, to a club in the Europa League, having been overtaken by all our rivals.

If it was possible that he could take Kroenke with him, even better.


Looks like it is happening. He must think his job is done here but what a strange thing to do in terms of timing.

Engage Luca mode: this bald bastard hands us Emery and this structure that he believes in, finally has the control and whatnot he has wanted, then fucks off!! Keeps extending Wenger, then bins him off right before fucking off himself! Bald cunt!!!

Nah but I guess he got the transition in place before going so respect I guess.


Maybe Kroenke Senior has got Kroenke Junior coming in to do stuff from now on. Someone has said he is quite good but i dunno.


So he stayed just long enough to see Wenger’s demise.

What a dick :joy:


Save us Josh!!!


Opportunity and timing are not always the best of friends. It obviously guessing what prospects Elliot gave him in regard of the job, but at the end of the day it’s still AC Milan.


If the person replacing Gazidis has got the word Kroenke in his name, then no thanks.

These parasites might be the reason Gazidis is leaving.
Perhaps he can see the lack of ambition, as well as the decline in the club, and realises that Kroenke couldn’t care less and it will just carry on.

The fact that Gazidis is leaving the PL, at a supposed top club, and is going to Serie A, tells you that they are heading in the right direction while we are going the opposite way.


Bollocks. Unless you’ve spoken with him you’re just extrapolating.


I’m not sure this company is going to make sure AC Milan will reach the highs of old anytime soon. It’s strange a investment firm like that invests in a football club. It rather seems like the Chinese blew it and they stepped in to protect their money.


Well I hope the stuff about Maldini coming back to Milan is true too.

I hope they get their shit together, they are my favourite Italian team.


Why else would he leave?
If he is intelligent and ambitious what other reason could he have for leaving?
I doubt he would leave the richest league in Europe to go to an inferior one unless he thought the club he was going to was more ambitious than the club he’s at.


Really don’t give a fuck if he stays or goes.

Don’t understand why people are getting so angry about a chief executive leaving ffs!!!


Bigger wage packet? Or maybe he has been told that someone else is coming in that will do better for us commercially etc and on all fronts. How do we know for example that it is his choice to leave?


They probably want an Arsenal. Self sustaining and increasing in value every year. Then they’ll sell it. In that scenario hiring Gazidis seems pretty obvious.

At least there’ll be no doubt that they’re in it for the money.


Money. Clearly.


Which is also what I said.


I can’t see where you’ve said that but even if you did, I didn’t take issue with it.

Jumping to the conclusion that Milan are going in the right direction if he goes there is just utter bollocks.