Ivan Gazidis


What email was this?


Not posting a link to the Daily Star but you can find it hyperlinked towards the top of the piece.


The worrying thing about what he has said is that it wasn’t meant for public viewing.

If he had made a statement to the media it would be a case of spin because of the perceived bad start to the season and the worst transfer window we have had, but the fact it was a memo meant only for others within the club means that Gazidis actually believes we had a good window.

He is as deluded as Wenger.


Thanks that was interesting to read.

“we kept sanchez and Ozil, that proves we’re not all about the money what a load of nonsense”

Except you did try to sell Sanchez


He probably leaked it himself ffs. It’s basically not worth actually reading anything into anything anyone at this club says publicly or otherwise.


Only that result? :xhaka:


What a fool! How was the transfer window a success?

We failed to strengthen the CM position, have no DM instead we persist with the Xhaka/Ramsey pairing of which neither are DM’s

Yeah we got Lacazette but we have basically kissed goodbye to a tranfer fee for Alexis and posibly Ozil if you read too much in to his PR bollocks!


Like I’ve said guys. Don’t get any ideas that we are going to suddenly turn into sharks in the transfer market, with guys like this running the club.


He has no control over transfers and you know it.


I think the most worrying thing is Ivan’s alleged reliance on the idea that the club is punching above its weight or that we could somehow walk into a situation where we win a title through luck and simultaneous rebuilding of rivals.

It’s just so ridiculous. Someone on Twitter made the joke that it looks like the club’s plan is to basically buy a bunch of lottery tickets.


To be fair, we were willing to sell Sanchez to fund a much more expensive Lemar… I think the more appropriate riposte is “yeah, maybe you are willing to spend, you are just incompetent in management of assets” (AW moreso than Gazidis probably).


I think they do think we can compete for the league. That’s the entire premise of the last 10 years of what we’ve been doing.

Get some players together and as long as we can actually hold on to them and they aren’t forcing their way out of the club we can build ourselves a team by adding the odd player here and there. After all, that’s all that’s been holding us back. Alexis, Ozil, Cech and Lacazette were world class signings. Koscielny, Ramsey, Bellerin, Monreal are world class players. Our team is together and our coach is stable.

There’s a minor hitch with Alexis, Oxlade and Ozil looking like they want to force their way out, but they’re the minority in a 4 year spell since we lost van Persie, the last imbecile that didn’t understand the beauty of the project. But once we have a bunch of players that don’t go, we’ll be great.

I can really see that being the logic within the club and tbh it was a logic I mostly agreed with until about two or so years ago.


I wouldn’t call it a minor hitch. They are probably the only ones, together with Cazorla, to do something at another club. For the majority of the players in the squad their ceiling is Arsenal.


The club is a business and the business is making money. As for titles, we have been winning the FA Cup and Community Shield with regularity over the last few seasons. Way better than how things were 4 years back. From the board’s perspective, we are winning titles and making money. Basically, they are doing an excellent job, as is Arsene. Of course, the fans are still not happy, but then you can’t have everything can you? Am sure Ivan and his buddies are patting each other’s back with how successfully they have been running this club.

The disconnect between the board and the fans is abysmal.


As soon as Sanchez, Ozil and Cazorla leave there will be no more players of that calibre bought into the club.
Wenger will be stocking up with a team full of Welbeck’s, Walcott’s and Ramsey’s.
Good, but nowhere near good enough.


Yeah this is what’s going to happen and we will be a permanent 6th-8th place irrelevant club.


This sums up the whole shitshow fairly well.

Depressing times


This again, lol :joy:


This is the bottom line, and when you have these things in place, and we’re performing as we are both on the sporting and extra-sporting side, there’s clearly something wrong.

That said, I wouldn’t take these comments from Gazidis too seriously. He sees the club in the disaster state it’s in and it’s his job to throw some shit at the wall and hope some of it sticks. The fact is the club is in such a state of decline and mismanagement that there really isn’t any other option left to him, there’s no good argument really left to be made to defend the club (as there were before, when he made them). Still, his status as likely the only one really in the anti-Wenger camp and trying to move the club away from his total control, and as typically someone who has said the right things and seemed to have the right ideas, means I give him the benefit of the doubt, although it’s impossible to say if he is one of the few worth defending or if he is just simply the one that is least part of the problem, while still being part of it.


This seems to ring true to me as well. Obviously we don’t know all the details and so much is hidden from us as fans, but if I try to put all the puzzle pieces and evidence together, I tend to think Gaz was ready to move on and Kroenke lost his nerve and stuck with AW, maybe looking at how ManU declined after Fergie left…