Ivan Gazidis



Dick Law it’s only the man deputated to sign the contracts, like a segretary. Ivan Gazidis? Not good enough, he is a business man.

We need a figure like Monchi, Eberl, Zorc, Galliani, Marotta.


I always find it weird when someone not in a position to determine whether gazidis is capable of doing a job just decides he isnt. What makes you think like that?


Eventually, yes. Immediately, no.


A sporting director is important like the head coach for us. We will lose one man but two figures (the coach and the sporting director).


I see exactly what you’re saying, I just see what position we need to prioritise differently.


There is something in what he says though. A sporting director usually is with a club for a longer term than a coach, protecting the long term future of a club and all that, and sometimes has a big say regarding the whole footballing structure of a club and sometimes has a say, or even picks the coach himself, most fitted in those future plans.

It all depends on Gazidis and how he wants to build the football structure of the club after Wenger though. Is he going for a model where the director is there to help to coach, and implement the ideas of the coach and is primarily involved with signings, or for a model where that director has much more responsibilities like Monchi who is involved with youth development, the scouting set-up etc. If he wants to hire a sporting director in the first place that is.


Absolutely. Which is why we should take the time and appoint the right guy. We can’t operate without a coach/manager but in the short term we can continue without a Sporting Director. (Hey is that what SD stands for in your name?) :smiley:

Ideally lets get both in of course.


Gazidis signs the contracts. Dick Law runs around asking how much is that doggy in the window. Wenger looks for bargains ,simples.

ever seen moneyball thats what Gazidi wants to be.



I wonder what constitutes the right time to make an announcement for the board.


What do you think he meant by his " catalyst for change" comments ? :dizzy_face:


I think he thought he was going to win the power struggle. But he didnt. And now he’s just placidly sitting and taking home his two mil a year. Like a useless prick. (At least he fits in I guess).




with gazidis he seems to be a spin doctor, but at the same time i think there is more to him than meets the eye the guy helped a lot with some big things outside of arsenal. I think he is biding his time and letting wenger dig his own grave and when he is gone i reckon he will surprise some people. That is if he doesnt leave himself too.


Ivan doing his thing, coming out saying the Liverpool result put a negative spin on what was a successful transfer window. We have the squad to fight for the title and that’s our ambition :eyes:


So you think he believes that? Or he’s coming out with a statement for what reason exactly?


Nah I don’t think he believes it, not sure why he bothers saying it either as 95 % of the fan base don’t believe it either. I think Wenger truly believes he has a squad that can win the title but not Ivan.


He isn’t “coming out” and saying anything, it was a leaked email intended only for internal purposes


Well in that case why the need to talk such crap internally do you think ?


He’d attract more scorn for being honest as well (for most ppl, I think anyway) so I understand why he comes out with the comedy stuff.

The media will spin it anyway for the people to absorb so he can’t do much about that