Ivan Gazidis


I just remember he said we have money to pay Rooney’s salary, something like that…
300k per week, can we?? or will we???
A few years later, our finance is more stable, and we are still penny pinching on Alexis and Ozil’s contracts.
Just fucking liar.


Of course we can. This is Wenger’s vanity project that has failed. Gazidis has always been clear about our financial firepower.


Hah imagine if Wenger leaves, we sign Allegri and he ends up giving Ozil and Sanchez £250,000 a week and signs Griezmann for £85,000,000

The looks on our faces :joy:

I don’t think anyone would be able to forgive Wenger after that


I don’t think that it’s any secret that a lot of our clubs frugality stems from Wenger. Penny pinching is the only way he keeps getting offered new contracts even though it’s humiliation after humiliation.

A new manager will come in and spend money because that’s the only way to build a competitive squad at the highest level.


Still waiting for Gazidis to do something significant and put his stamp on the club. Otherwise he is another waste of space. Do something.


I think as long as Arsene is here that’s unlikely to happen.

I also think it really a case of Gazidis works under Arsene than the other way around, Arsene leaves then Gazidis gets someone in he can put his stamp on rather than the other way round.


Ultimately his hands are tied. Every decision he proposes needs to be sanctioned by the board and / or Kroenke.

Wenger has their full support sadly.


Gazidis is rubbing his hands waiting for his time in the Sun as Arsenal supremo . He can hardly contain himself as Wenger flounders on the rocks of his troubled waters.


Well he should be given a chance to show how he runs the club. He has the benefit of the doubt.

Nothing he has said/done in recent times makes me think he will do a bad job to be honest.

I have faith.


Gazidis needs to search a sporting director before to appoint a new manager. Nobody into the board have football experience to cover this role.


They need to appoint one, yes, but the new manager/head coach is the more pressing area.


nope Sham, because any coach mentioned about the replacement of Arsène is a manager. Appoint a sporting director is important like to appoint an head coach.

Who will meet players, agents, other sporting directors and will negotiate with them??


The same people who do so now.


Ivan will purge Dick Law I think !


Why has he waited it out at Arsenal instead of going somewhere else? I think you’re right @Drayton, he wants control but that’s the strange part to me.


He is very highly paid Sham and a Kroenke man . Arsenal are a top club with an absent owner . Not many Arsenals out there . He can make his mark right here .


I guess that does pretty much explain it to be fair.


Thats the whole purpose of having Gazidis though, to bring plans and strategies to the table and advise the board where to go next. Stan and the board have no idea how to proceed post Wenger.


Having a board is pretty much nothing more than a legal requirement. Stan and Josh Kroenke and Gazidis make the decisions. It really wouldnt matter if Sir Chips couldn’t spell Arsenal.


I don’t know what to think about Gazidis but my instinct tells me he’s a lot more ready to spend money than Wenger has been.