Ivan Gazidis


Gives me some hope. PLEASE just make all of this video happen. Mustafi, Lacazette, Mahrez. It is too much to ask but I would bust a nut EVERYWHERE.


@RichardDeP As supporters we definitely deserve three players like that after seasons of under investment and glaring holes in our first team.
But if we get just one of them I’d be surprised.

Remember that Gazidis said that “we are getting things done” so I’m sure he is doing all he can to get what we need.


I don’t know why I do this to myself:

That team is good enough to win the League, and with Wilshere / Cazorla / Ox / Welbz / Giroud on bench…


That looks really fucking beautiful…But why do it to yourself.

We very rarely sign that many players that go straight into the first team. Le Boss would be too worried about upsetting some schmuck.


@RichardDeP That team would win the PL.
We would also have Cazorla, Wilshere, Giroud, Walcott, Mertesacker, Welbeck, Gabriel, Camberlain and Ospina as cover.

Unfortunately we support a club that prefers accumulating money rather than spending it.


That team is good enough, but the manager still isn’t.


That team may or may not be good enough, but it is the minimum we should be doing this summer given our previous years of insufficient reinforcing. Especially now with Mert and Welbz out for months, there really is no excuse. Sell Walcott and buy those 3 additional and you would have to think it would be no more than 75 million net and would set us up for seasons to come.


Still think Wenger would manage to Wenger it.

I hate thinking/feeling his way, but the bottling mentality runs too deep at this club .


At least the play wouldn’t be so bad that you’d want to firebomb your own eyeballs after watching Theo attempt to control a pass.


Well it’s easy to forget but when he did have the ability to put out 11 players that could actually play football he did have some success :slight_smile:

Although that wasn’t against Guardiola and Mourinho.

Still, I wouldn’t be unhappy to have a team like that, give it a real go and finish 3rd. Winning isn’t everything, it’s being able to win that I want. To be able to go into a season thinking yeah, we’ve got a chance this year, despite who everyone else has been buying as long as our team is solid I’m happy.


Have to agree @JakeyBoy. Some combination of squad mismanagement and refusal to make in-game adjustments would screw up even that team. The squad, for all its flaws, was still pretty decent last year and was still way less than the sum of its parts*. That comes back on the manager.

*I realized we finished second but that had more to do with Spurs being…Spurs.


Yeah finishing second was absolutely a false dawn. We finished with 71 f*ing points, the lowest of the last 4 years (71, 75, 79, 73) and the champion in that period finished with and average of ~86 points, LC being the lowest at 81. That really isn’t all that impressive really. Last year was simply an anomaly with all the big 4 being crap. Have to think both City and Utd will be challenging for low-to-mid 80’s next year. Are we 10+ points better than last year considering the reinforcements of rivals?

And last year Spurs were in the title race mathematically longer than we were, regardless of how they contrived to hand us second place.

Our trend against our own previous 3 years isn’t good and obviously we continue to be f*ing irrelevant in Europe.


I think the league will be won on no more than 83 points. Even though there’s been massive spending it’s not been spent on players that are 28 years old in their prime. It’s all young guys who could go either way. The old guard of premier league sides with all that talent have gotten old over night. City haven’t sorted their defense, neither have united really, and Chelsea are the worst of the 3 imo. One of those teams will definitely end up winning it, but they aren’t going to dominate. I think it will be a struggle for everyone.


I would tend to agree, but it only takes one of City or Utd or even Chelsea to go on a big run and rack up points. I think the league it tougher no doubt, but if Pep or Mou can find consistency and grind out the 3 points, I can see someone challenging 85. It won’t be us… FFS I’d be shocked if we can threaten 80.



If being realistic includes spending 10m on Jonny Evans I may have to lay down or just riot or step away from the club for a little bit.

I’m not sure how paying West Brom for a 28/29 year old Man United reject is somehow being more sensible with our money than buying Mustafi.


I think Evans is just a shit rumour made up just to stir the pot, no way does Wenger go for a player like this when Kossy aint getting any younger and Merts might not make another season with us, i think he will be gone after this season or at the very most have a bit part role. Unless of course he is trying to get Beilik in the CB role as it has already been mentioned that Wenger is trying to get him used to that position.


And the last time we cracked 80 was 2008.


Every season in Arsenals post Highbury years ,I think beforehand is a watershed, however we alweays seem to get by DESPITE our efforts in the summer transfer markets ,and our on field play during the season NOT because of them .
Last season was no exception ,Chelsea and MUFC failed to turn up Man City had their problems too.
We started badly before getting up there only to bottle it when we got our noses in front .
Last season could have seen the apocalpse of them not only being above us but winning it.
You would think we had learned our lesson but from these interviews we have not.
Same old arrogance ,same old complacency from the Top people.
The Gazidis interview was pre planned, with I’m sure, fixed questions scheduled ahead of time .Gazidis is way too smart to be bushwhacked. He knew what the questions were so he had time to think what he was going to say. It is incredulous to beleive they were taken out of context,he wasnt talking to a hostile interviewer but one who was there to welcome him back to the USA by people promoting soccer to the USA !


By what year did he say we would be on par with the likes of Bayern Munich again ?