Ivan Gazidis


How much Nike paid us?
How much Puma is paying us? Sure they are paying us more, right?

Nike is a much bigger brand than Puma, and when we jumped from Nike to Puma (or Nike/Adidas did not give us better deals/not willing to partner with us… whatever), I see the message there. “Money” has a very important role here.

As I have mentioned several times, if we want to promote our team (let’s not talk about quality or the shirt and accessibility to purchase), get more fans, it makes more sense to stick with Nike or sign Adidas, not Puma. I am not saying Puma is shit. They are a big company also… but what they can do, Nike/Adidas can. What Nike/Adidas can do, Puma may not. There is a still an obvious gap in between Nike/Adidas and Puma.

Also I have said, Warriors was just an example… if New Balance, Under Armor, Lotto, whatever established brands that could give us more money but less influential in football world, I would still take it.

Now we are buying Puma jerseys not because of Puma, but because of Arsenal.
If Li-Ning sponsor Arsenal next year, we will still buy it. In fact, we may have extra millions of fans because the brand is from China.


This thread is gonna be immense! :cech:


I really don’t think there’s much difference between being Puma’s main club or being one out of many at Adidas or Nike.



I understand your points also… I was just trying my best to express my opinion, not really tried to “convince” people.

I should stop here and no more Nike/Adidas vs Puma vs not-so-famous/established brands.
I said too much already.



Going by ‘who pays most’ can be risky :stuck_out_tongue:



WTF have Puma and Warrior got to do with Ivan Gazidis?


That Arsenal financials thread should be reincarnated - I liked that thread


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Sponsorship is a massive part of Gazidis brief so its perfectly valid to discuss it here.

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If i want to read about AFC’s finances on the old board i’d click the thread for it. if i wanted to discuss that bald git i did it in his thread. it just seems like there’s less separation and more of a muddle at the moment.

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@g4e and @sevchenko you both have the ability to create threads, if you want one for discussing Arsenal’s finances then go ahead and make it happen!

Also, huaraches are abysmal trainers, I’ve always thought that they are ugly as sin lol


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@JakeyBoy, if i had any interest in AFC’s finances- beyond spending it on players that we all agree we need- i would have made the thread.

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Robbie from AFTV apparently had a quick chat with Gazidis yesterday and asked him about transfers. Gazidis refused to answer they question as he claims he was misquoted the last time he spoke about our transfer activity but he did say that they (as in the club) were not stupid and that they knew what needed to be done and were getting it done. Make of it what you will. For all we know, he could be talking about a few more Asano kind of deals.


Gazidis saying “we are getting things done.”
He’s so funny.


Oh ffs. He gave two big interviews right around the same time in which he played down expectations. I’m not sure why he’d be so reckless when the mood around Arsenal is pretty sour but that’s what he did. Pretty pathetic to turn around and blame the media for misquoting him but I suppose that’s PR 101.


The PR around the club has been pretty poor. The issue is that Ivan’s words are being used to ask questions now: referencing the quote from two seasons ago that we were on Bayern’s level to the recent one implying a single transfer mistake would doom Arsenal.

It would be better if Ivan didn’t give interviews if he isn’t going to be more media savvy.


Ivan probably gave those quotes with an eye to the Puma and Emirates deals which at the time looked good on paper. What’s disappointing is that it appears the club didn’t expect the other larger (i.e.: Manchester United) or more successful (i.e.: Chelsea) to go out and use the Puma/Emirates deals as a starting point for negotiating even larger deals. Now we’re behind the eight ball again when it comes to sponsorship regardless of how many second tier noodle companies want to sponsor the team.


We are on Bayern’s level, he probably chose that one very carefully. Their revenue is similar to ours and as far as I know they’re not paying 70m for players, their top signing may still be Martinez for 35m or so a few years back? Off the top of my head Gotze around 31m, Vidal around 28m, Costa around 20m, Thaigo around 22m, Sanches around 28m, this isn’t ridiculous spending and they’ve had decent players leave too to recoup cash (Kroos, Gotze, Mandzukic, Schweinsteiger etc.).

Where Bayern are lucky is they are the United/Madrid of Germany, so they’ll naturally be top of anyone’s list who’s grown up / spend a lot of their career there, so we’ll never be attractive like they are and therefore can’t compete unless we want to play the money game, which we don’t.

The reality is we need to compete with Chelsea, United and City and we won’t do that which is probably why he’s changed his tune. Arsenal fans don’t give a fuck that Bayern are outspending us (or not outspending us), they care that all the good players are going to United and City and chances are we’ll be finishing behind these two.


Robbie had another opportunity to interact with Gazidis, this time at quite a length and apparently they spoke quite a bit about our transfers this summer. Gazidis told Robbie that the club is well aware of the fact that they need a top quality striker and an experienced CB at the minimum and they are working towards that (I know we have heard that one before). Another interesting thing that came up was that whole Kroenke interview where he said he wasn’t interested in trophies. Gazidis says that was taken completely out of context and that the media is just out there trying to make a story out of anything and everything and that he is not too pleased with the English media in particular. Interesting watch. Gives me hope, although I still don’t think we are going to get anyone that will excite us.