Ivan Gazidis


^Struggles with sarcasm.


According to this we still have gross debt of 231.7m, So how come most media gives the impression that the stadium is paid off yet it clearly isn’t, the same article say’s we are also paying 14m a year (nearly half the Puma cash) to service this debt. I also don’t like this net debt section as it’s false. Just because I’ve got 50k in my bank accounts doesn’t mean the 150k left on my mortgage is actually 100k.


How was that sarcasm?


:joy: Case in point.


With £225m sitting in the bank, no money spent last summer, interest in stadium repayments done, big sponsorship deals, the largest TV deal in sporting history, a couple of billionaires owning significant shares in the club, a brand worth in excess of $1-2 billion…

And Gazidis wants to come out and say we can’t compete?

Fucking mug.


Again how was that sarcasm?

I would have struggled with sarcasm of that post had I really thought that you were acknowledging my intelligence.

I didn’t . I was responding to your claim that I was basing the whole argument on what happens in India.
I wasn’t .

Maybe you should look up the definition of Sarcasm.


Btw quite rich of you to point that I have insulted you twice when you have insulted me as many times unprovoked.
Shall I quote that post?


Not trying to be some forum warrior or something. politely…any chance you could stop double posting please?

These threads are long enough as it is :slight_smile:


On cellphone and there is no multi quote option.


Shall try to copy paste to avoid it.


Go ahead.

I called you a joker, in England that’s a light hearted thing to say, it’s not even the same as calling you a joke, which would be an insult.

You can multi quote on your phone. Highlight the first post, click the little quote button that pops up. Then minimise the reply window, and go to the second post you want to quote and repeat the above step. It will then appear in the little reply box along with the other quoted post. Pretty neat.


I swear I tried highlighting yesterday and few minutes ago and quote reply didn’t come before.


So Trions love of Arsenal falls to pieces for the sake of import Tax on a Jersey . 2259 rupees is about 25 quid ,is that all your club is worth to you Trion ???
What is that as a percentage of your monthly stipend ?
Lads lets squabble no more and club together and Buy Trion a shirt .
I pledge 5 quid ! common lets do this !


What are you on about?

We are not discussing my spending capacity.

We are discussing Puma & Warrior and why clubs don’t go for Warrior despite them paying Liverpool massive amount.

@JakeyBoy now you see what I mean when I say Intelligent discussion but having to deal with simpletons who can’t read.



Who in the blazes does Gazidis think he’s kidding because there won’t be too many Arsenal fans buying this crap? delusion, BS, or excuses in advance for not buying any more players???

edit, how do i upload the twitter video?


Does he specify the English Premier League? I can think of a Premier League or two we could win but certainly not the English one.


I see the sense of humour bypass operation was a complete succssess then !
In an earlier post which now seems like a lifetime away you were moaning about having to pay custom duty plus VAT, which would be stupid thing to do for a shirt.
I was just trying to help out after all we are a community here on OA ?
Feel the love yet matey ?


There are some on these forums. There will be fans out there in rl too.


Not he doesn’t specify.

Which ones do you think we could actually challenge for the title in? i personally think we’d struggle in any league premier or otherwise.


Irish and Scottish Premier Leagues. We’d win the fuck out of them!