So who’s in self isolation mode then?

Thought I’d make a more light hearted thread for us to share what we are doing during these lockdown periods - rather than discussing that depressing virus.

How will you be spending your time indoors? Or will you be continuing as if nothing changed!?


Trying to find some good home workout routines. I want to not get fat lol.

Also we have all this time now, to maybe do that thing we put off.

If I was more organised I’d try to learn a new language.


I’m at home today cos it’s a BH but I basically haven’t stopped working the last ten days. Work for the Welfare and we’ve had about 50,000 claims in we need to sort through…

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I’ve been asked by my job to stay home.

So far I’ve been doing some work but my job is heavily based on conferences, conventions, networking events and meetings so it’s limited what I can do.

I went to the park yesterday and did a workout to stay out of the gym and then I’ve played a lot of GoW as well.

Looking to do some free online courses as well, broaden my knowledge a bit so I don’t just play video games.


Working from home but intend to keep up going for a run every morning, and try to get some fresh air when I’m taking my lunch.

Think I’ll end up mad by the time this period ends…

Few workout pages/PT’s I follow on the gram worth checking out for workout tips:


I’m going to start running every morning too now that I’m WFH to make up for the lost travelling/general activeness during work hours. Also going to start excersising at home if and when gyms shut.


Started working from home today. Cat immediately claimed his spot.

Can do pretty much all my work from home, so it’s alright. See how I feel after a few days lol.

I’m slightly worried about not having a proper desk chair however. Ergonomically this workstation is terrible.


Nice set up. I literally only have a laptop when WFH. In comparison at work I have two machines and three screens :tired_face:

I work in remote support so ideally need additional screens. Running a citrix session on the laptop is just cumbersome.


dodging the boomer plague like Lomachenko over here.

“studying” from home but struggling with self discipline, not gonna lie. they’re doing the exterior on my building so they start drilling into my fucking head at 7 in the morning and all day lol

WFH is great. Nothing beats going to work in your pj’s :slight_smile:

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Wank per day ratio has sky rocketted


Isolation. Ha.

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Not in isolation just yet. I work in schools at the minute and trust me, every cough is noticed. There was a little fella coughing every 15 to 20 seconds next to one of my colleagues… :bellerin: :bellerin: :bellerin:

pornhub xhamster and xxxvideo :slight_smile:


Our gigs have all but dried up so we’re using the time learning new songs, doing some housekeeping in my keyboard, organising set lists, styles, refining sounds, etc. All the stuff I haven’t had time to get into.

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Lol Cesc (in Monaco)

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At some point gonna try get this properly set up

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I needs this

It’s gonna fall

Is that him and his mate doing Coming To America lol

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