Works for the press association

Oh god no


I can’t wait to see fatty Isco out balling all our players.

On a half season loan, I can’t see how anyone would be against this.

Put in an option to buy at a reasonable price and Madrid are contributing towards his wages.

It’s a win.


Why the fuck we have to get all other’s rejects or over the prime players?

Why the fuck?

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I wouldn’t mind him actually.
We just desperately need a player of that tipe. Yeah he’s past it, a bit overweight atm… But he’s still not too old, I guess he just fell out of favor a bit Madrid and that made him lose a bit of motivation.

If this was the start od the summer transfer window I would be against it, but I doubt we can find many better options atm, and I just can’t watch this midfield anymore.

I think he can bring us some Cazorla-esque sauce back in the team. He’s even a more talented player than Santi, he’s just in a very bad shape atm.
Tbf he may even not be in such a bad shape, Real just have too much quality in his position (s), and he doesn’t have much time to show something.

Haven’t seen him play for a long time so I have no idea if this is a good deal.

This guy says we’re not in for him

Reports in Spain are that he’s off to Sevilla to reunite with Lopetegui.

On the face of it a loan isn’t so bad but not sure what this guy has left in the tank, hasn’t seemed motivated for years, doubt it happens.


Bl1nk will all due respect who the fuck is that maths cunt?

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Lifelong Arsenal fan bringing you the truth and sharing my love for the best club in the world.

There you go. He brings the truth, according to his bio. He knows.


Fuckin hell…Isco, Luiz, Willian, and perhaps Costa…Is Mikel secretly trying to open a feckin residential care home on the side…Jeez…


Guy is a dead man walking, hasn’t been relevant in literally years.

His numbers are shocking, the last time he got more than 4 assists was in 17/18.

We talking about Eriksen here mate?

Eriksen at least 8 goals and 12 assists in 19/20, Isco didn’t even break 3 assists haha

tbf Ashburton Grove does sound like a fancy care home


Saw him in the valencia game, he played CAM, still tries to play his way out of every single press but hes fat and greasy now and accelerates like a sloth.

He used to be so good.

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Maybe he thinks if we can call it a care home, all our players will get vaccinated before the rest of the world…I mean, some of this lot look over 80…

Who is he? Seems to have loads of followers

I may have complimented who Arsenal were targeting in the January window a few days ago. I take that back.

I know some if not most of the rumours are nonsense, but the players we’ve been linked with over the last 24hrs doesn’t inspire confidence.

Isco would improve the side but this would be short-termism at its finest. The signing would lack imagination.

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Isco was alway average at creating chances.
Imagine how bad he is now that he’s past his prime.