International Friendlies


Vardy’s goal reminds me of this thread I saw on Twitter a few weeks ago. It’s pretty funny. He’s a proper shithouse :grin:


Sterling is giving us so many problems playing through the middle. We just can’t handle him.


Just turned on the Spain-Argentina game in time to see Higuain miss a sitter. What a shocker!

Costa, 1-0 Spain! Both Costa and Romero got injured in the goal.




Fucking Immobile costing us some goals. Apart from that, we have not done that bad.


Maybe he’s just too Immobile?




2-0 Spain. They look really sharp tonight. Can’t see much between Brazil and Spain for the World Cup…


Brazil running the show now.


1-0 Spain

2-0 Spain



Has GOAT scored? :goat::goat::goat:


No, he has been shit.


Stindl and Brandt on.
Otamendi pulls one back for Argentina.


Goalll Otamendi. 2-1 Spain now


Get Werner on FFS!
Germany has not been that good in the second half. Need more from them.


How many games are you watching, Luca? Lol


He’s watching one Uber Alles. :sunglasses:


Germany and Italy. Both halves have been crap.


Wagner on instead of Werner? Fuck off, you booger eater.
Meanwhile at Wembley, Belotti on for Immobile.
Nice link up play from England here. They looked like Brazil :mustafi:


England beating Italy, of course. :arteta::giroud::kos2::mkhi::mustafi: