International Friendlies


That’s true. Should have beaten Sweden easily, but we were not going to have a good WC.


France leading Russia at HT. Mbappè. Good finish.


Dodgy goalkeeping but Mbappe :raised_hands::raised_hands:


3-1 FT.

2-0 France. Great freekick.

1-2 Russia

3-1 France


Vardy is gonna rip our defence apart with his speed.


Jamie Vardy is faster


:facepalm: Vardy. I did a mix= Alli+Vardy :smile:


MARIOOOOOOOOOOOOOO stars for Germany! @Persona’s alert :giroud:
Brazil playing really well so far.


Jorginho showing his class a minute in.


Should be 1-0 Italy already haha


Fuck! Another chance with Immobile. England’s defence having a mare atm.


Immobile with another chance ffs


Really hate Glenn Hoddle’s voice


Germany-Brazil is such a good game to watch. Both sides are so good.



Ox is really useless off the ball.


Fantastic last-ditch tackle from De Sciglio here. Vardy was 1 vs. 1 against Donnarumma.
FUCK OFF IMMOBILE! Seriously, how could you miss it?
Vardy is very dangerous on counter. Nice save from Donnarumma.
Big, big miss from Gabriel Jesus.
Now Jesus doesn’t miss, but Trapp should have stopped it.

2 counters missed, 1 not. 1-0 Vardy. We had been warned, but we didn’t take notice of it.


Good finish from Vardy. Sterling having a good game too!


2 times Vardy had been dangerous on counter, but we didn’t take notice of it :roll_eyes:


Nice move From Immobile. Should have really scored a couple.
Brazil leading Germany at HT. Fantastic game from both teams.