International Friendlies


France flattering to deceive yet again, Deschamps should have been canned after the Euro’s.

Not calling up N’zonzi , Laporte, and Debuchy is inane. Digne is garbage


Our national team can’t score a goal to save their life. Fucking crap attack, despite having many good players upfront. It’s a long long way to the top for us.

1-0 Argentina

2-0 Argentina

The other games:

France-Colombia 2-3

1-0 France

2-0 France

2-1 Colombia

2-2 Colombia

2-3 Colombia

Germany-Spagna 1-1

1-0 Spain

1-1 Germany

Holland-England 0-1

1-0 England

Portugal-Egypt 2-1

1-0 Egypt

1-1 Portugal

2-1 Portugal

CR7 is a beast with his head.


You could say they were Immobile… :laughing:


Such a good joke :xhaka: :wink:


The Colombia home kit is really nice, Adidas have pulled it out the bag with their kits this year.


Big fan of the hashtag for tonight’s game between Portugal and Holland



Holland beating Portugal 3-0 at HT :cech:

1-0 Holland

2-0 Holland

3-0 Holland

Pathetic dive from CR7 FFS!


Great result and performance. Good.


Shame you are not at the WC :mustafi:


Well, yes and no.

We need a lot of time to rebuild, feels like the World Cup is too early for this team. It’s great to be part of any World or Euro Cup but I can’t see us making it past the groups at this point.


So, we beat the Netherlands. The Netherlands then easily beat the European champions.

There’s only one conclusion to this story: we’re going to win the World Cup :sunglasses:


Don’t worry, just kidding. We are not at the WC and are in a far worse state


Keep on dreaming :rofl:


Now here speaks a wise man :wink:@Luca_from_Italy


England vs. Italy today :sunglasses:


We play like expected under Koeman. Solid base with enough offense to win the game. Sadly the football for which the Netherlands are known is a thing of the past. But I hope we’ll be back at Euro 2020. It’s boring to not be on a tournament.


Holland has always gone through periods. They have never been constant at high level. I remember when they failed to qualify to the 2002 WC.


Part 2 of Di Biagio’s “mini World Cup” :poldi:


:facepalm: Such an unlucky claim :xhaka:


Ha. No, in all fairness, I don’t think Italy are a bad team. You were unfortunate to be in a qualifying group with Spain (who i’d now actually have as favourites for the WC). And then in the play offs, you had an inept manager who had the tactical nous of a Koala.

Imagine not bringing on an in form Insigne when you need a goal. De Rossi was like, “don’t put me on, put him on, we need a goal.” But the fucktard of a manager thought, nah.

You have a good bunch of youngsters – Chiesa, Pellegrini and Cutrone to name but a few. (Though Cutrone was the invisible man against us in the EL :grin: ) so you’ll rise up again. I think you’ll beat us tonight.