International Friendlies


1-1 FT.

1-0 USA

1-1 France


1-0 Spain


1-0 Denmark. Golazo!

2-0 Denmark


Hope Poulsen can bring that form into the world cup!



Momo scored for Egypt.


We are playing Ukraine today. Good game so far, with many chances for us, albeit we can’t score to save our lives.
Interesting to see Insigne as “the false nine”, with Bernardeschi and Chiesa on the flanks.
We scored! Bit lucky, but i take it.

Here we go. 1-1 and now Ukraine hits the bar.

1-1 FT. One year without a win for Italy. The funny thing is that we played really well today.


Something a small country would do no? :wink:


Yeah, we have become worse than Scotland. What a fucking shame! What a fucking shame!

Wait! We are not full of sheeps and angus ahahah :wink:


Im Angus…

We are all angus…

#angus #weareallangus #metooangus #ereyboodyiszanguscepttaeenglishbasta


Another scottish? :cech: :henry2:


Don’t you mean “wee” country? :grin:

By the way @Luca_from_Italy You’re right about the sheep. Scotland has more sheep than people!


Scotland is more than just Aberdeen you know :ozil2:


Yeah, fucking Falkirk as well :mustafi:




Dortmund spirit :hipster:




Ek woon in die Engelse hoofstad…




Cool bro :wink:



I’m actually going to the game today haha. Gonna get a battering I think :joy:


Imagine if someone did take them up on that bet and that was the scoreline :cech:


Back from the Brazil game buzzing with the 1-0 win. Cavani is such a prick bloody kicking his own club team mate at end. Uragauy are a dirty bunch captain a hungry rabbit.