If they all actually happen... How would you line up?


17 goals from out wide, perhaps a better fit out there than Lacazette. It’s not like they won’t be swapping positions during matches anyway



Bearing in mind Koscielny needs replacing (new signing)
and Ghaka needs to improve under a different manager
or replacing as well. Quite happy for AMN to step up for
him next season.

Also wouldn’t mind a natural left winger (new signing)
while Auba and Laca competing for the striker spot.


True enough, he was pretty effective out there, didn’t realise, thought the results were more mixed. Not quite Walcott levels ( :wink: :flushed:), but pretty good. Still, as I recall he was relying a lot on pace, we’ll be lucky to get a year or two of good production out of him in that position. Not the shrewdest of signings…guess it’s probably worth it if he helps us win Europa (/get Giroud off our books :grimacing:).


The good thing is that we would have good depth upfront, with Auba and Mhiki. It has been time since we had it.