If they all actually happen... How would you line up?


Mkhitaryan, Malcom, Aubameyang.

Lets suppose for once we weren’t sold a dream and they all get signed. How would you line up?

I would try one time to fit them all in.

We would concede goals left, right and centre but at least we might play some beautiful football after a long time. Realistically I couldn’t see this formation happening even if we did sign them all.

How would you set up if it was your squad?


Like this:






This could maybe work. Giroud on the bench for clutch goals.



Bellerin Koscielny Mustafi Maitland

Elneny Wilshere

Malcom (Miky) Ozil Auba


Can’t play all the 3 together.


Jesus, people are actually leaving out arguably our player of the season so far.


Do you mean Ramsey? Can’t lie it’s a bit of a difficult one between him and Wilshere. I suppose I would go with Jack because of his ability to play passes from deep. Especially in such an attack minded line up.


That’s actually a really decent solution to fit most* of them in and keeps the team fairly well balanced at the same time.


I try 4-4-2
Still don’t like the idea of 3 at the back. Too dangerous for us, especially our players are lack of concentration and understanding.
Ozil played as CM before (Arsenal and German NT), and he was doing good there.
Kola has a decent cross, so I put him as LM and Monreal back to LB
Need to sit Bellerin. I want a true defender, not a Flash Gordon.



Hire me Arsenal.

It gives us a bit more defensive stability but also allows us to play a bit wider or more narrow depending on what the game needs.

Wilshere/Ramsey + a dm would be nice but we only have AMN so he’d have to make do.





Why have we not ever tried Nacho in the Xhaka role???


I just realised I didn’t even include Mkhi.

I don’t think it’s possible to get all three of them into the team with Laca and Ozil.


Cech Bellerin Mustafi Koscielny AMN Xhaka Wilshere Ramsey Ozil Auba Laca. 41212


Back 5 of cunts

Ramsey - Xhaka

Malcom Ozil Mkhi


Tbh none of these go well together, it’s almost like we have coherent system…


Dropping Laca is probably good depending on how Miki plays for us.



We are still gonna play back 3, are we?



Basically trying to rekindle when we used to put out 433 teams like this as that was the last I can remember liking Arsenal



Aubameyang wide left a la Dortmund pre-Lewa departure. Mikhtaryan a slightly less wide right. Ozil where Ozil needs to be. Lacazette up top, easy really


How good was this Aubameyang? And how good is he likely to be at age 28, 29, etc…