Hull Thread


3 weeks till the season starts, 16 fit players…


He might have been offered the Sunderland job.


Pearson for them?


Strange decision by bruce. Carnt see another prem club hiring him


Maybe he is still hoping to manage England.
Edit: didn’t read about Allardayce.


hull have sacked phelen

feel sorry for him he hasn’t got the money the strength the team but has done well with the team he had to work with


Can’t wait for them and Swansea to go back to the Championship.

Harsh on Phelan though.


Harsh. Hull were just unlucky. They weren’t playing that bad.


Dont think a clubs been less prepared for a season than Hull.
Dont know who they go for here.


He’s a Championship assistant manager who gets a Premier League manager’s gig by accident and now probably a Premier League manager’s payoff.

If there’s anyone to feel sorry for here, it’s really not him. No matter who the coach is that club deserves to be bottom. Better he got a way out now than to drag it on and then get sacked later on. I don’t think he was doing a terrible job and I don’t think it’s really harmed his chances of getting another manager job if he wants one.


Handy few quid for the Mickster there, no way he was getting his ‘didnt get relegated’ bonus either way so he won’t have missed out on too much cash. :slight_smile:

Impossible situation there though. Between them and Swansea there’s a competition going for who is the worst run pl team.


Marco Silva looks like he’s going to be their next boss. Don’t know too much about him - other than he got sacked from Sporting for not wearing the club suit in a cup match :joy:


I’m pretty sure he was the manager of Olympiacos when they did a number on us last season.


Yeah resigned from there last summer


You’d have to a brave man, or perhaps a foolish one, to take on the Hull job


Has been a very highly rated manager for a while now, was sacked by Sporting not for bad results or under performing but because they wanted Jorge Jesus.




Hector Cuper?! I haven’t heard that name for a long time lol. He used to manage Valencia and Inter. Was good a while ago but don’t imagine he’d be a good idea lol


Looks like it will be Marco Silva.