Hull City vs Arsenal (Premier League)


Outcome of the match?

  • Hull win
  • Draw
  • Arsenal win

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Saturday 17th September 15:00
KCOM Stadium

Bellerin - Kostafi - Monreal
Elneny - Xhaka
Iwobi - Ozil - Alexis

Santi looked knackered after the PSG game, so I think he should be rested for this one, but he probably won’t though.

Hull had a good start to their season, and we’re not world beaters at the moment, hopefully we manage to get a result here and build momentum with a decent display and not lucky/scrappy performances.


Iwobi has been so good, he’s got to start imo.



Probably another tight win, but i’d take it. Hope Xhaka plays.


I ask of two things:

Xhaka to start

Chamberlain not to start.

0-2 arsenal!


Going to say 1-0 to the Arsenal but it will be another disjointed performance.



I think I’d go with the OP original line up too, let’s see what a free-form front three/four can do instead of this Coquelin striker role for a change.

I’m going for an optimistic win. Would love to see some nice football, some balls in our opponents’ nets, some Xhaka-pingers, an Iwobi gun celebration and Elneny absolutely smashing a 25-yarder, top corner.


My team



Why not Cazorla? He’s too important for us.


Because we don’t want to run him down?


I would have Ozil rested for this one.
Need Gibbs to play if Monreal is indeed losing form this season.







He might try Perez on the right and Giroud upfront or maybe Iwobi on the right but I wouldn’t be surprised if he played Walcott, if he’s fit, or Chamberlain.


I have no idea who he will pick ,problem is neither does he. The voices will tell him .


Call me skeptical. But cant see us playing 442 for the first time since 2004


A little concerned about the lineup for this.

Arsene appears to be incredibly stubborn so I can see him giving Ox another start and omitting Xhaka. That being said here’s what I think he’ll do:

Iwobi Ozil Ox
Cazorla Elneny
Monreal Kos Mustafi Hector

Here’s what I think he should do

Alexis Ozil Iwobi
Cazorla Xhaka
Monreal Kos Mustafi Hector


Play the strongest team available, as we face Nottingham next.


Picking our 11 is a minefield. The front six could be anything. Pretty jokes that we have absolutely no idea what our best midfield is, who our best wide players are or our best striker is. The only position you can for sure say who the player will be is Ozil #10.

Takes some planning to have questions marks in all those positions.


Very tough. Definitely not that Alexis guy though.


So you’ve missed the point that he could very well play up front?


We rested Cech and Xhaka, should win this game easily.