Huddersfield Town Vs Arsenal (PL)


Cheers that works perfectly! but I dont think you can post streaming links on here for legal reasons hah


As things stand, we’re 1 point behind Utd, but level on points with Chelsea. They are only playing tomorrow, against citeh, so less than 6 goals might do.
LE: Indeed, you’re right, we can’t make top 4, only now do i realize united are 4th.


Cheers, removed it. It was only 720p though.


Mustafi and Monreal poor so far


Kosc hit in the sack again


We can’t keep the ball.

Say what you want about possession play being boring. Its better than being so sporadic


Need another then get mustafi off


Huddersfield threatening now :confused:


and it’s gone :santi:

back again :kosc:


AMN’s dribbling is awful


Overall we’re pretty SHIT


Was iwobi’s offside?


The kind of football we’re playing isn’t sustainable.

You can see lesser teams know that they will have an opportunity to compete against us and increase their aggression when taking risks


Nothing in it


How the fuck did ref not think he should have continue the play?


Big chance for Mlhitaryan


We concede so many free kicks


Neat. Lacazette 2-0.




Laca…great play