Houssem Aouar

Bun this guy, Juve isn’t a project.

It’s a cluster fuck.


The use of project annoyed me too, but it kind of makes sense if you consider the project for the 3 aforementioned clubs is to win the CL in the most shameless and pathetically undeserving way possible.


Is this guy the reason we’re turning away from Partey?

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I love how we consider any reports from Spain and France as gospel now. :rofl:

His name is literally Jon LeGossip


I’d rather this guy over Partey


It’s not my money so I won’t bitch but I still think we should be smarter in squad building. Pay half for Buendia and still have 25m in the bank to rebuild other areas that need attention like getting Xhaka the fuck out the starting xi. That’s not quite as sexy as grabbing the big name hot property guy from the CL this past season, like we did with Pepe…it’s Arsenal tho so :triumph:


Yeh Aouar is clearly there for a CL club with spare funds to acquire him. We literally seem to need to cobble everything we have together, lint included, to afford our signings.

Midfield is a saturated position in the market too. I’m sure we can find a player half the cost that fits the system better anyway.

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Looks like Buendia will be playing in the Championship next season. Fucking waste.


Leeds was linked but do they have the funds to pull it off?

Noendia mate.


Seems like they do. They may end up with a very strong squad next season and they already have a very good manager. Definitely a side to see in the upcoming campaign.

I don’t speak French someone help

Juventus are poor bums and the only player they’re getting is that yank bench warmer.

Juve should just change their stadium to somewhere in New York Kroenke style, they’re gagging for it.

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Arsenal and Man City have shown interest. Juventus have quit the race. Lyon was £50m including bonuses. You don’t even need the translate tweet button for that.


No one likes a show off

What’s his chant going to be?

#welcome to the Houssem fun# by Madness?


Changed my mind on this.

Let’s go all in on Aouar.


Yeah I hope this happens, although I’ve only seen him a few times in the Champions League.

€35m + Gundeouzi (probably)

EDIT: Which was rejected.

IF true, I think this is a good bid. Guendouzi is no scrub and with Reine Adelaide making eyes for the Lyon exit, he can be the replacement.

Guendouzi will likely be sold for significant money in the future.