Henrikh Mkhitaryan (On Loan in Rome)

Couldn’t we get some fee for him? Fucking hell, Arsenal should never do business with Roma.

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As if we’re getting diddly squat for Mkhitaryan. The fuck?!

At least we’re not being saddled with Kluivert.

I guess the £8-9m saved on wages passes as our fee and allows Roma to cover his wages for next season


This club is crazy shit at selling players.

Would have to hope we are going to replace him and Iwobi.


Just happy to get him off the wage bill to be fair. Never understood why we got him in the first place. It was clear during his Utd days that his last season with Dortmund was a one off and that PL was too fast and physical for him. He’s done well in a slower Italian league, and it probably be a better place for him to finish his career off. It looks from what I’ve seen he’s a impact player at best.

It just never seemed to me he got over the rejection of been let go by Utd that kind of broke his spirit, he had the odd good game here and there (I remember he was excellent in that 1-1 draw with Spurs at Wembley). I know many felt cause he had that great season with Auba in his last season with Dortmund that we might be able to bring that back. But quickly came noticeable that Henrikh just couldn’t get back to those heights.

Good luck to him, seems like him and his family love it there and that he probably look half way decent in that league.

Not always. We rinsed Everton for Walcott and Iwobi :slight_smile:


In recent seasons Man U and us have to be two of the worst clubs in the transfer market.
We have bought and sold very badly and Man U are marginally worse.

But the swap between Sanchez and Mkhitayran, considering the amount of money and ridiculous wages between the two players, around 600k a week, was the epitome of this.

Let’s hope that Arteta and the board have learned from our previous mistakes and that we give top wages to players who deserve them and we don’t lose anymore players on the cheap because we let them run down their contracts.

Mkhitayran is a player who should be embarrassed about the wages he gets considering the amount of poor performances he has given.

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I think in terms of buying players in the last couple of seasons, we have done well. Leno, Torreira, Guendouzi and Pepe, Tierney, Saliba, and Martinelli were all good purchases IMO. Jury is out for me on Mari and Soares because I haven’t seen enough of either of them yet. This summer we need to strengthen and I want to see quality of quantity in key positions - CDM and CB.

I think the bigger problem is that we are still paying for the poor transfer decisions 4-5 years ago…Cech being our only signing in 2015 and Xhaka and Mustafi in 2016!

We have been shit at selling players, with exception of a couple of good deals…Iwobi being a highlight!

In terms of Mkhitayran, anyone know what the permanent deal is that has been ‘agreed in principle’? Is it a further loan or a permanent transfer? Any fee?

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Just get this fuck off our wage bill and out the club.

Have too many “big name” cunts on our books. Laca, Mkhitaryan, Özil - all of them need to be got rid of.