Henrikh Mkhitaryan (7)



It has to be a black guy wearing it, right? :arteta:





Yeah. We need more black players anyway, stay true to our identity.


I thought he was instrumental to United’s good start. Assisted quite a few goals for them. Then he got benched by Mou, not sure why.

I think he could do very well for us. If Wenger plays him in the right position with the right instructions. He is a creative midfielder, a proper striker is what we need now.




What are we talking about in here, was expecting some pics of Mkhitaryan in our shirt, but just random chat about Kim Kardashian and Thierry Henry’s height


welcome to OA Sol!


Apparently won’t be announced until tomorrow because he also has to sort out his work permit.




Need to make this official ASAP! Aubameyang won’t be announced until this has all been sorted lol


They’re going to do a double photo shoot aren’t they?



I think Alexis and Mkhitaryan should do a joint photo shoot – swapping lives. Swapping shirts and houses and dogs. That kind of thing :grin:






Apparently we got him + 20m euros.


Awesome. Now let’s see how he does with Ozil.

They probably won’t play together for the next 4 months until the last game of the season knowing Wenger.


Welcome to Arsenal! Hope you and Auba can do what you did at Dortmund.



Only for few days. You know what i mean :henry2: