Henrikh Mkhitaryan (7)


I think van Persie was just lucky to have 2,5 fully fit seasons in him lol.


A 6 out of 10 would have got him a man of the match today. Think he was missed tbh.


I genuinly think I’d have got MOTM today


Shame really he was an exceptional player to watch. Loved it when he played for Arsenal with Cesc.


Doing an AMA on reddit on the 6th of Feb



Was a generic, sanitized AMA. Fairly boring stuff.


Despite being the epitome of meh, he always seems to get some goals and assists under his belt. A bit like the Alexis thing, we know he is not that great but outsiders will probably give him a go. Need to capitalize.


Even if he’d scored a hafrick we still need to get him off the books at the earliest oppurtunity.


Been quite good since he came back from the injury.


Still needs to go. Killing the wage budget this guy


Always going to be one of our more likely goal scorers from midfield. Can never rule him out of game time because of that tbh.


Really pleased the game he’s had tonight. That feels more like the Mkhitaryan of old. I’ve said it before, but while he hasn’t really hit much in the way of heights with us, he’s still a really handy player to have around. He’s got a lot of experience and can be a useful team player from time to time. I do think he was a player we missed a little bit while he was out.

Of course, long term we’d all love an obvious upgrade for something even better, but I really don’t see any need to part ways with him like some others feel we should. This is not a squad brimming with that much talent or depth right now, and I don’t have any issues keeping him with us for a few seasons, while we’re in this transitional stage at Arsenal. He’s chipping in like we were hoping he would and that’s good to see. Keep at it lad :mkhi:


Only player I can compare him to is Diaby.

Seems to have everything, but just doesn’t do the business for some reason and when he does do something good he makes it look easy, because he’s clearly good.

Most baffling player we’ve had in a decade.


Good to see him playing like this but there’s every chance he’ll be getting told to do one by the end of March.

We definitely got the better end of the deal over United though, at least there’s a decent enough chance he can be productive.

Sanchez looks to have been body snatched by Sanogo.


Hpefully he can carry on this form and win us the Europa League like he did with Manure 2 years ago.


When he’s on he’s on


Amazing how good he can be when he can be consistent longer than 10minutes.


He’s twice the player he was 3 months ago. Great run of form. No more 6/10’s


That was his best game for us since his debut, he was outstanding, been good the last few matches tbh.