Henrikh Mkhitaryan (7)


Agreed, he looks completely shot of confidence. With every mispass, biffed shot, dodgy touch, he looks ruined with pressure.


Guess we are selling him in the summer. January is a bit too early.


Missed the game but can’t say I’m surprised to read he had another shite / anonymous performance.

Based on what we’ve seen so far, he is a shadow of what he was at Dortmund. Not sure of the likelihood that he’ll turn it around, but if it carries on like this, we should sell and replace him.


After a run of performances like that and the fact he was just as bad for Man U, as well as the massive wages he is on, what club in its right mind would touch him with a barge pole?
We’re stuck with him so let’s hope Emery can turn him round like he has done with some of our other unde performing players.


I think you’re being far too generous to his performance yesterday :laughing:

It wasn’t just another anonymous performance. It was one of the worst showings ever by a professional footballer (maybe even a non-professional footballer too).

I was really hoping to see some of that great Auba/Mkhi link up we saw in Germany, but it just doesn’t look like it’s ever going to happen. Mkhitaryan looks a broken man. Sure, it’s easy to blame José Mourinho for that and perhaps if we’d got him in 2016 instead of them, we wouldn’t be seeing the drab mess we’re watching now, but perhaps he just isn’t good enough for us/a big PL team.

Why is it too early?

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I don’t get what holds Mkhiteryan back. Remember him at Dortmund he was a nifty little player. Ever since United it’s game over. However, he still plays why does the manager play him? Boost his confidence?


Happier to see Nelson or Ramsey even out wide - I guess normally we will see Iwobi and Ozil perhaps or Iwobi and Auba with Ozil in the middle… we have options, none great perhaps but he really shouldn’t be starting any more Prem league games and I’d be happy to sell him for peanuts in Jan just to get him off books and bring in another player or get more time for our emerging youth prospects… FFS I’d rather see our blonde Brit hope at this point than him.

I didn’t think he was so bad as to call it worst ever performance by top footballer - he did have a pass or two that was good and made some nice runs, but it was a bad performance and another in a long string… just pointless for us atm.


I’m not really about getting Ramsey or Mkhitaryan off the books in January. Both of these players can help in the Europa League which should be our main goal this season. Both Ramsey and Welbeck should be off the books in the summer (I really hope they’re not going to offer Welbeck something) and Nelson will come in. Turnover will happen.


That’s fine - I guess my point was more about prioritizing who gets game time… Ramsey I kind of understand b/c he is at minimum a legit squad player for us rest of year. Micky has been dire and frankly I’d rather our youngsters get those minutes if he is going to be so useless anyway.


Assuming he dropped another poor performance with him being subbed at HT?


He started pretty well but was definitely right to be taken off.


Somehow plays every match, despite mediocre performances. Can see him improve along the way though and hopefully he manages to get that partnership link up play back up with Auba.


Don’t think he had a bad game, looked up for it to a degree.

It’s just that the kind of tactical change required meant both him and Iwobi had to make way and it paid off handsomely.

I suppose the thinking is that with continued playing time maybe the real Mhki will appear since he’s being held hostage for a couple of seasons now.


I thought he was good sunday. A little unlucky being subbed for me but justified for tactical reasons.


I thought he played well today.


Shame he was offside the fallout if that stood would have fckd Utd off no end - would have been priceless


Fair play he played well and nearly got himself a knighthood with that finish :joy:


That finish on Fifa I’d have rage quit


Should have scored but overall I don’t think he had a bad game at all.


Deserved his 6/10 tonight