Henrikh Mkhitaryan (7)



I think letting Sanchez, who was the best player in the PL, run down his contract and then swapping him to one of our biggest rivals, while getting a poor player on massive wages in return, represents on of the best examples of how shambolic our transfer and contract business is.

Just because Sanchez hasn’t played well for them is irrelevant because for us, he was our best player and we didn’t adequately replace him.


whoa whoa whoa…too far man, too far!!


:rofl: Brilliant!


Imagine giving this guy the #7 shirt. :joy: Pirès and Rosicky even Alexis had his god like season wearing this number. Now this fraud is wearing it


Hate it when OG numbers are held to ransom with frauds.


Only one player who was more shit than Miki today and that was Ramsey.


he was only on the pitch for 10 minutes barely had seen enough of him to call his playing time shit tbh


I thought he was quite sensible in his game management tbf. Basically what he was sent on to do.


possibly Micky’s worst game for us imo :neutral_face: can only hope it gets better from here.


Yeah it’s his worse game until he next plays for us


Lol this article when INNNN :joy::joy::joy::joy: love it


I think Emery needs to lobotomize Mhiki after what I saw today. Just reset him totally.






Christ it isn’t that funny


So sad. Some of our fans are really a bunch of cunts.


You find Saca Baron Cohen funny :wink::speak_no_evil::speak_no_evil:


I’ve defended Mhikitayran until today, but that was one of the worst induvidual performances I’ve ever seen on a football pitch. I find that the Tweet is justified :joy:


Man needs to go back to Armenia or something. His confidence is shot. He’s scared to risk it and whenever he dares to he absolutely bombs it. Something ain’t clicking.