Henrikh Mkhitaryan (7)


Not familiar with that website at all, but my faith in the gutter press is basically nonexistent so not gonna trash your source when I’m not offering anything better.

I’d take your bet but we’re never gonna be able to resolve it lol


What a disappointing season he is having. Just too inconstant.


I think he is a very good player, who, at the moment is just struggling to find his place in the side. If he gets a run of games I reckon we’ll start to see the real Mikhi…I would rather keep this guy and let Rambo go, think Mikhi will be an important player for us as the season goes on…


Mate he’s been struggling to find his place in England since 2016!

Barring significant injury it shouldn’t be taking this long for a player of his supposed caliber to show what they’ve got on a consistent basis, the reality is perhaps he’s just not built for the Premier League especially a top club.


I wouldn’t say he’s inconsistent, he’s just been pretty much average, the only real quality game he’s played for us was against Everton on his debut when we tore them to shreds in the first half.


Yep, but every player tends to do well on their debut for the new club.


At least he chipped in with a goal to save a point.


Was an attempted cross but we’ll take it.


Not to be a dick, but I hope he isn’t on our payroll by next year.


Big Mik Energy. I love it.