Henrikh Mkhitaryan (7)


I think in the first two matches against City and Chelsea he was among our better performers. I thought he was pretty good against Fulham also, but no one noticed because the strikers took all the plaudits on the day.

When he and Bellerin have been on the right together they’ve shown an understanding with eachother, and I think right now I’d have Mhiki on the bench but I wouldn’t be against him starting on the right.

He’s essentially a number 10 who will never play there for us cause of Ozil, and if he was playing behind Auba he’d be much better but neither of those players are in the right position in our current setup so it’s hard to judge him fully imo.


Why did we sign this absolute fraudulent bastard.

Can we report him?


Hmmm. I was so desperate for us to come out of the swap deal on top that I’ve been making excuses for him, but I’m slowly losing patience. Though he just put in a nice ball for Auba there. Do that more Mkhi :+1:




Sure he’s playing out of position but you would expect a lot more considering his pedigree.

He’s incredibly soft and hides far too often, he won’t be a starter under Emery barring a decimated squad. I expected much more from him after switching to team that at least tries to play football, but no it’s been an abject disappointment so far and he’s on big wages.

We should have invested in an explosive younger player like Malcom over Mhki that’s for sure, hasn’t been anywhere close to value for money and we’ll most likely be saying the same in a few years if he lasts that long.


Ineffective again. He tried though, just not coming off :pensive:


Guess his rating for today heh


@A.F was bang on about this guy


Seems a loss at this point. Hopefully he finds some form and helps us second half of season when injuries and games pile up, but atm just seems pointless. Rather see one of the kids get time tbf.


Just one of many that needs to go

Take the financial hit and pay someone to take him

Replace with upgrade or promote a young prospect


Would have been better off taking 15-20 million for Sanchez over the swap deal in hindsight.


Sigh still expect better from him.


The lesson learned here is don’t sign attacking midfielders from Dortmund.

Mkhi, Gotze, Sahin and Kagawa were all average/massive flops when they moved on.


I’ve been feeling to give him every chance possible, but it’s looking to be quite futile. If we don’t see several brilliant performances by January then I officially give up.

Raiola is a brilliant agent, look at the money he’s got Mkhi on with no justification. Might have a job shifting him now due to that.

Also I’ve got no sympathy for Ramsey having his offer rescinded, but I can see why he’d have been angling for big money if he’s seeing Mkhi earning approximately 200k a week, Ramsey has offered more than Mkhi ever has at either of his English clubs.


I’ve always thought Mkhi was on 120-140 depending on where you look. Don’t think he’s touching anywhere close to that figure personally. But it’s still huge wages and it’ll still be difficult to shift him. I’m sure plenty of Turkish clubs will be lining up to take him on big money though.




Any sources for that? I heard sums like 180 or so from being at Man U, guess I just assumed that he wouldn’t have taken a big pay cut to join us.

Edit: granted its all shit tabloid sources, but a quick Google turned up the likes of the Metro, Mirror and Express last January saying it was in the region of 200k a week. Better sources would be appreciated, but I’m highly sceptical that its anywhere near as low as 120



This is the website I tend to use to get wages for players. It’s not a sure source though but I’m willing to bet it’s around the 140 mark rather than the 200.


Not sure I see him taking a big cut to come here especially with Raiola as his agent.

I’m guessing it’s closer to 180K or 200k than 140K.

Either way though he’s stealing a living :expressionless:


I admit I was wrong to be completely unconcerned about the chances of him turning this around.

He definitely is capable of much more and looks highly unconfident at the moment. His apparent frailty looks concerning but that could just be a misinterpretation from us. I’m more concerned by him doing the basics wrong atm, such as slowing the play down and giving the ball away rather than his actual goals/assists stats.

But with that much ability in his locker, in a team that’s playing well, I’m more than confident he’ll pick up form and produce a significant contribution by seasons end. He’s getting towards that in moments and obviously tried hard recently but it hasn’t come off.

Many were saying similar of Lacazette last season but once he’s put in the hard yards he’ll have a moment or two which will spark shit up for his confidence.