Henrikh Mkhitaryan (7)


Yeah I don’t understand it. I’m not seeing 6/10 performances at all and think people are being far too generous.


He has not had enough games as well imo.
Emery should be starting him in other games and not this one.


He’s not in form but I love his dribbling, passing and movement when he is. He kind of is an Arsenal player in that sense. So I’m not in the camp that want rid.


You could argue that in nearly 100 appearances for United and Arsenal he’s basically never been in form bar about 3 games at the start of last season.


No, just use him as sub.


At his peak maybe not but I was happy with the start he made for us and how he linked up so well with Auba. He scored vital goals in their Europa run too. Despite not bossing it he’s actually had decent end product for United and us. Playing in a Mourinho system doesn’t help any attacking player either.


Cant wrap my BIG head around this guy. Dude has all the tools and the ability in the world, but somehow it doesnt show on matchdays.

Iwobi deserves the majority of the game time betweeen them for now.


He was definitely better when he joined last season. Dunno what he has been going this term though.


We should change our name to Armenia fc, then we’d see more end product.


Wouldn’t be so sure about that. Armenia lost to fucking Gibraltar!


I don’t actually know what this guy does, apart from fuck all. He’s not a playmaker, doesn’t control the game, and doesn’t score any goals.


Remember when he got three assists on his debut haha wtf


look at this shit.

A simple pass would have done, but he ended up miscontroling it completely and taking too long in a way Giroud would have been proud of. Many of his touches last night were reminiscent of Giroud


Yeah really could have redeemed himself there.
great take & run but completely missed Auba’s presence


If Xhaka was putting in similar level performances people wouldn’t be rating it 6/10 that’s for sure.


People wanted to keep Wilshire for producing less. Need better from him but plenty of games for him to produce yet.


I started the 6s thing and continued it as a running joke. Basically saying he hasn’t had any standout performances for us. Just average or below average displays constantly.


On FIFA for me Mkhitaryan is better than Ozil lol. :thinking:

Mind you, in real life Mesut > Henrikh.

I still think he can have a future here. Just needs a bit of consistency.


I don’t think he’s been that bad honestly. Even yesterday, he made a few mistakes but had a drive about him and probably should’ve scored that header.

I think his main flaw is that he gives the ball away sloppily and sometimes his touch is off like it was in that moment in their box.

I feel like people have such short memories and are so quick to diminish a players value to us. He came in last season and did very well I thought, and has had some good performances this season also.


Lol what games was this?