Henrikh Mkhitaryan (7)


I was just talking about how he has been with us, whereas I think you’re talking about his time in England overall. He’s been better for us than he was for United imo, even if not by a significant margin.

@Midfield_Maestro has it right for me, a lot of 6/10 performances, and imo, that’s why he has been average for us, rather than either good or bad.

I agree with you that a player with his obvious talent should be doing more, and I can see where you’re coming from in saying he has been bad, because he hasn’t shown what he is capable of.


Still think we got a slightly better deal than United. We were going to lose Sanchez anyway, so for me, getting a player in return was just a bonus and I didn’t have huge expectations for him. I thought he was decent enough and figured he’d be useful for our Europa League campaign.

But even if Mkhitaryan had been dreadful (which I don’t think is the case) it would have been worth it just to have seen the Man United fan meltdown every time Sanchez dropped a 2/10 :grin:


At least we are not paying him 500k


Absolutely not. He was 4/10. He basically did nothing.


Unai, please don’t start this fraud in a big game ever again thanks


Another 6/10 performance racked up


If only, that would mean his performance was above average.


Nope. 5/10 for me. He just can’t perform.


I know he has been way below par, especially for someone who just a couple of seasons ago was on fire in the Bundesliga. I hope Emery can motivate him to get back to his best cause there is a serious player in there and we all know that. Given how Iwobi is playing at the moment, I think Mkhi doesn’t deserve to start in the team ahead of him but I hope Emery is challenging him to improve and fight for his place. I don’t know if its the pace of the game that he is struggling with or if it’s just his confidence but I sure hope Emery can get him back to his best.

He could be a key player for us further in the season.


Only way to get him performing better than 6/10 is to keep playing him, though.


So so average and he has a week mentality. Sick of watching this guy


He’s not been particularly good since joining. Think we’ve got enough of a sample size to make that judgement now.

Iwobi should be starting ahead of him. I feel like it is a confidence thing though, because there are sparks / moments where you think he can offer so much more.


I like him, for some reason I think he can be really good for us.


Same. I don’t know why but I want to keep persisting with him. He almost scored last night as well, and would have had an assist if not for Aubas poor finish.

Also, a consistent 6/7 out of 10 performance in every game is still a decent player to have in the team rather that than some of the atrocious highs and lows we’ve seen from other squad players in the past that never lost their position.


True, but we need the best for the team, not for him.


I agree, but a better Mikky is best for the team as well :smiley: It’s an annoying situation. I’d drop him for bigger / PL games and play him in all cup games, hoping he picks up form there. If he shows signs of improvement, then try him in the bigger games. Right now Iwobi and maybe even Welbz have to start over him.


Scoring in the cups should help his confidence.


This guy just doesn’t seem to have the mentality to perform to his ability on a consistent basis, he’s too soft and needs to be assured and coddled in a way.

It’s why he didn’t get on with Klopp at Dortmund, he’ll need to toughen up to survive under Emery and at his age I’m far from convinced he’s going to change. Think he’s destined to be a squad player at best tbh and for that reason I’d rather we signed a younger, fearless explosive player like Malcom.


Yeah the guy is literally as weak as they come. He’s been a huge disappointment since arriving in England and I’d rather we shifted him in the summer to be honest. Get his heavy wages off our hooks and try our luck with someone else.


People keep saying he’s a 6/10 player what?

He’s not had a 6 all season. His wages are killing us tbh. Ship him out