Henrikh Mkhitaryan (7)


Surely some Turkish team will take him off our hands in the summer when we can upgrade?


He’s a good squad player to have.


IDK how keen the old Mickster would be on plying his trade in Turkey. Don’t have the best history with Armenians.


Had one of his better games for Arsenal at Fulham. Still think he needs to hit his Dortmund form to see him staying at Arsenal. He’d be a good squad player, play the odd PL game, play mostly in the cup and Europa league games. But I wouldn’t be surprised if we sold him off in the summer to get a few quid for other transfers.


Not sure if serious, but with Ramsey and Welbeck gone we should have made enough room in the squad and for wages too sign a couple of other forwards/wingers.


I had high hopes for him when he came in january, but he really adds nothing to our game.


Yeah personally I’d only be starting him in the Europa League and domestic cup games.


I hope he never starts in the league for us again. Average player.


It’s difficult because we don’t want to think we got the raw end of the deal with this guy but he’s been as bad here as he was at united.



This is OA set to look stupid all over again.


Why? He really should not be starting in this team


He hasn’t been great, and is still playing better than Alexis :slight_smile:


The swap deal that didn’t work out for either club :joy:


To say he shouldn’t be starting right now is one thing. Emery to my mind proved that false lately but lets just go with that being true for arguments sake.

To call him average and claim he’s been bad here however, is typical knee jerk from our lot. He’s on a run of slightly below par form. Temporary blip at best. Player of Mkhi’s undeniable ability can and should play an important part in this long season.

It’s a mark of the strength of our squad to have a player like Mkhi available as a squad option.

It’s cool though, under Unai Emery quality will rise above all the critics and we shall see.


You sound like a priest


It is absolutely not knee jerk to suggest he’s been bad here. Mkhi has been nothing but a disappointment since he arrived in England and whilst there is undoubtedly a better player in there - the fans are right to be critical of his form. Just as United fans were right to be critical of him too.


I wouldn’t say he’s been bad, I wouldn’t say he’s been good either. Average seems apposite word imo


Should use him as sub.


Another 6/10. He has a collection of these for us.


He’s had too many anonymous games or games where he has contributed nothing going forward or in the defensive phase.

For a player who arrived in England with such a high reputation I don’t think it’s a stretch to say he’s been bad.