Henrikh Mkhitaryan (7)


He’s a strange case because he’s clearly not shit. Still not sure what to make of him though.


We and United both lost in that swap deal


You’re not actually wrong lol


I’d give him some time - hes not had a full season here yet and he has had two managers probably looking for him to do two different things as well.

He has assists and goals here already and has shown he has class with both feet so we shall see but all in all I’m still positive he is here.


we won the swap obviously. We exchanged a dead animal rapist for a hungry two-footed armenian.

Even though Henrikh hasnt lit the place up yet, he still has some lethal weapons in his locker, which he unleashes from time to time.

The fazing out of Ramsey will only help him find some rhythm.


He’s been such a mixed bag since he arrived. There have been moments where he’s been involved in slick build-up and doesn’t look out of place at all, but then he’ll also have whole games where he can’t pass the ball properly 10 yards, and fucks up attacks with a poor touch etc.

I’ve been disappointed overall, however, there’s so much ability in him that I’m happy to give him more time without labelling him a failure.

Our right flank is too much of a liability when he’s played out there and paired up with Bellerin. I’d give him another shot now though because we have Torreira in the side who should help to mop up / cover when Mkhitaryan / Bellerin have gone for a picnic by the opponent’s corner flag.


Yeah, he is reliable. Nothing more atm.


Definitely a ‘your player will take a pay cut or walk away to some random club you fat cunt’ type plan should be in place for him.

Big Huss should not be giving into any player demands and to be fair he has been good in that recently.

Raiola had us over the balls re. trying to make something work with the Sanchez thing (even though I’d have taken the money) but now we should be in a better position .


Can’t see Emery opting for Mkhi and Ozil in the same side often, the lack of defensive pressing from both will really concern him IMO, if Wenger was still at the helm no doubt we’d see a fair bit of both.


Unless he get’s back to the form he had at Dortmund in the next few months, I could see Arsenal cashing in on him during the summer to make up some money for Transfer funds. A bit like Alexis at UTD, it seems to me like either his best day’s are behind him or he’s just not suited to the PL style of play. It happen’s to some great players that a certain style of football doesn’t suit them.

He hasn’t been awful by any mean’s just been very meh at best to be honest.


I don’t think Mkhitaryan has been played enough under Emery for him to make a stamp.


Beautiful work. As usual, you lot are gonna see…


Good today!


Had nice passes in the build up to some pretty 2nd half goals. Played well enough that we didn’t miss Ozil today.


Dont know what to make of his performance today. How do you guys think he played?


He should focus his work as a CM/CAM now. His days down the flanks are long gone. He looks much better in that role(#10) and has some really strong legs that he can use them outside the box too.


His flank days arent long gone. They are still here tbh


I thought he was ok but nothing special, feeling pretty mixed about his time in North London so far.


Don’t feel his communication with the full backs(at least defensively) is good enough to pull it off though, unless it’s against a average/bad side. He just doesn’t stop drifting in, and his passing range isn’t that good. Prefer him playing either as a B2B midfielder or a playmaker. Move around the middle, shroter passes, better view of the pitch and utilizing his long shooting and finishing.


I like him at CAm too, but i dont he Unai will stop playing him on the flanks.