Henrikh Mkhitaryan (7)



Heck then why didn’t you play him during the weekend?


Because he’s playing like shit.


and Ramsey played


For this reason:


In relation to what our other midfielders have contributed this season, I’d like to hear what you think of them on that basis…


I won’t be going into work on Thursday either, with(out) the full support of my employer


Class act and will prove it on a consistent basis soon enough with an extended run in the side. Iwobi fully deserves the spot right now though.


Now that he has played 20 odd times for us and been at the club 8 or 9 months what are people’s thoughts ? Pretty underwhelming would be my take, but at least he hasn’t been as bad as Alexis for United.


My expectations weren’t that high when we signed him. He’s done okay, but nothing more. Hard time getting in the first team now though.


I honestly believe nobody have been actually convincing in the past 1,5 years.


He has had ups and downs. Can’t complain too much.


Been pretty average to be fair. Not poor but not fantastic either. Plays a lot of 6/10’s IMO.


Now we all know that Ramsey is going, we should move Ozil into the centre and let Miki play on the right side of midfield…Reckon he would be great given a run of games…


I would have taken cash for Alexis with zero hesitation in hindsight.

I even like Mikhi but it was a poor strategic signing with little upside


Cash and investing in a young wide player on the up would have been the way forward.

The club could have handled the situation so much better than it did.


Malcolm was the first player we were proper linked to. Imagine we got him instead :giroud3:


I even made a thread for him in the players section (unlisted) :unai:


The fact that the Sanchez situation was only one of many situations where we have failed in the transfer market, as well as our contract negotiations, means we are short of two or there top quality players in the first team, and we still have Ramsey to sort out.

Personally I think Mkhitayran was a pretty decent replacement for Sanchez, although his form might suggest otherwise.

I really thought players like Mkhiitayran, Mustafi, and Xhaka would perform a lot better with Emery but we are still seeing average to poor performances from them, so perhaps we will have to wait until Emery can start to get some of his own players in before he can sort out the shambles he was left with.


Haha tbf it did look like it was gonna happen but then we changed our mind and went for Auba and Mkhi to replace Alexis