Henrikh Mkhitaryan (7)


Fun article

I think he’s going to have a good season for us. And he’s happy and settled, which helps. I’m looking forward to seeing more of him and Auba together.


Every player who doesn’t play under Mourinho is gonna be happy :wink:


Interested to see how he goes this season, he’s highly talented but I expect he will play in spurts and have several games that he goes missing in.


He has been extremely disappointing since pre-season, I hope that he’ll get his shit together soon, we’re laughing at Utd for Alexis’ performances, but if he keeps on this dodgy displays, this would be one of the worse swap deals for all parties involved.


Biggest disapointment on the pitch him today. Seems to be in and out of games too often. Needs to step up now and impose himself.
Never really seemed happy anywhere other than Dortmund. Seaons in its infancy so just hope its a slow start.Doesnt seem to back himself enough though and it does mirror some of the problems he had at United.


No more blaming Mourinho anymore, The conditions are ideal for him to thrive.

Needs to convince us of his ability


Need to improve soon before getting back to the bench. Awful.


Luckily the mighty IWOBI is sniffing at the chance to take back his LW spot lel


That is to be seen.
Under Wenger, players like him can thrive.
It is to be seen whether Emery can get the best out of technical attacking players like Ozil & Mkhitaryan.


That’s no justification for the slop severed up yesterday.

He was just outright poor in almost all departments. You’d think a front 4 of Auba, Mikhi, Ozil and Ramsey can operate effectively as an attacking unit regardless.

Ozil is the only player who was tactically stifled yesterday.


Highly rate him but Mkhi was horribly below his usual standards yesterday. Gave the ball away far too easily and he should be gutted with his execution in all departments.

He never hid like some are making out though. This game was an aberration from him.


I’m just passing it off as an off day for Mkhi and Ozil. Nothing more.


I need more time to evaluate but I think Mhkitaryan is going to have the hardest time finding his “place” in this team.


Said before the season started that I was more hopeful than expectant that he’d be able to show his Dortmund form for us. Still quite concerned on that front, I feel that we might end up paying big wages for not enough in return.


Yeah I totally have this feeling too. Which is a shame, I remember watching him tear our defence into shreds a few years ago for Dortmund.

There are shades of his intelligence still in there. His burst to keep the ball in play in the second half yesterday to catch the City defence off guard was pretty sweet. Just a shame we couldn’t capitalise on that, can’t remember if it was a wank pass or the receiver didn’t take advantage.


Thoughts today?

I thought he was one of our positives today (especially as I’ve been pretty pessimistic over signing him). One of the few with any real output to his game despite the sitter in the first half.

Was pretty dire helping Hector at the back but hard to see what anyone can do to help him.


Hit and miss. Scored the most difficult goal and missed the easiest one. Hope he can kick from here.


Yeah tbh he surprised me by stepping up in a big game.

Hopefully it’s something we start to see more often, he has the ability.


Criticsed him last week but miss apart thought he looked much better. Focused and aware and movement was spot on. Encouraging for me.


Yeah Miki had a good match, glad it wasn’t a repeat of last week.