Henrikh Mkhitaryan (7)


Glad it’s not Ozil lol


Typical Arsenal


Lol fat fuck. Pep goes hard in on Raiola


Just read that. Insane


I bet that Miki might miss a couple weeks but he won’t have ligament damage. The way that injury looked is usually not conducive to ligament damage. Think we’ve all had that knee on knee contact in a match. Hurts like a bitch but I bet he’ll be back sooner than later.


I guess English journos are saying fuck it to the press embargo lol


Mitikaryan. I like it.



Looool Sunday supplement lads are raging at poor DiMarzio.

Embargo only applies to UK press I think so it never applied to him anyways.

I remember somebody posted an article talking about something like this, and calling this happening.



Sadly that’s pretty much season over for him if it’s medial ligaments.


You see knee damage injuries in hockey - most times it’s a deliberate act by some ‘enforcer’. The recipient is usually on a three-month absence.




RIP our season


Like it wasnt dead already :santi:


So funny, eh? :xhaka:


Facckkk, well he’s been playing really good as of late, but it’s not like we are losing Özil. Iwobi is gonna have to step up.


Need some of Pep’s and Poch’s drugs


If he really is done for the season I can’t see how the team can win the EL.

We’d be forced into playing one of Welbeck or Iwobi in place of Mkhitaryan which is a serious downgrade.

Does anyone know what minute this injury occurred in? It would be pretty irritating if it was towards the end of a match we were already winning 4-1.


It was around the hour mark, I don’t think we can blame anyone for that though.


What happened to your confidence in Iwobi? :grin:


Hmm I feel different depending on the day lol.