Henrikh Mkhitaryan (7)


It stopped because he had one bad game (against Liverpool iirc), and Mourinho yanked him off the pitch and he rarely played again, effectively ending his Man Utd career.

The attitude of their fans was he tended to go missing in the big games. But he didn’t do that at Dortmund.


Some people need positive reinforcement to perform at their best. From all reports that’s Miki. I’m sure the management he receives from Wenger will be more suited to his personality, and should bring out the best in him.


Its amazing what a creative player can do when he’s given permission to cross the halfway line.


Hi Mike :campbell:


It’s hard for me to believe that stat. Crazy


We all agree that Mkhi fits us better than Sánchez stylistically but surely we can all agree that this wouldn’t have made us better (trading Sánchez for Mkhi)?

Selling Sánchez and signing Mkhi and using the money generated from Sánchez’s sale to sign other players yes, but genuinely curious if there are people that think that due to a gestaltist/less is more type standpoint that a straight swap of Mkhi for Sánchez would’ve made us better?


Mkhi on his own no, but signing an assist machine and a bonafide top goal machine in Auba, thats a definite yes.


So true


The Man United version has turned up today.

I think he left his final ball at the Emirates!


Here we go! We are so fickle! :xhaka:


I would love it if he gets anothe hattrick of assists today :giroud3:


Can still play a big part in this game. Keeps getting into important areas.


Given the ball away loads, and yet has somehow probably still given it away less than Sanchez would :mustafi:


He’s been fucking dreadful this half. Awful final ball


At least he has a brain unlike Mustafi… just execution missing… needs to calm down.


@A.F should have listened to you lol.






Good week for him


First 2 goals for us in just 3 days! Well-done Mkhi!