Henrikh Mkhitaryan (7)


A whisker away from a goal on his debut too, very impressive. Hope him and Özil start getting on well together and then we’ll be scoring 4s and 5s reasonably regularly


Mourinho is a fucking imbecile with these kind of talents. What a performance


Superb performance, the quality was never in doubt, in terms of technique and vision, but what I liked the most, was how he tracked down opposition players celverly with constant pressing and well-timed interventions.



I’m not sure this is the Mkhitaryan Mourinho meant to send over :grin: Seriously though, what is it with Josè that he manages to suck the life out of so many attacking players?!

He was great tonight, he was literally everywhere. I know Ramsey scored 3 goals, but this guy was my MOTM.

Just wish we’d managed to get hold of him a couple of summers ago when we were in for him – instead he wasted 18 months of his prime years being managed by a guy who hates proper footballers.



Mhiki’s magic hat :sunglasses:


Jose Mourinho: Specialist in destroying attacking talent


Good luck Alexis :slight_smile:


loved watching Miki tonight

have not enjoyed watching Sanchez for a couyple of years, fucking ball hog believer of his own hype


I love that Bergkamp v Leicester is there. That must have been the next game (or one after) against Leicester after the sexy as fuck hat-trick he scored against them in our title run in.


Wonder if no one managed it prior to 99 or if the did they not record these stats prior to '99?


A lot of these stats thingys either don’t have pre PL stats or are actively/financially encouraged not to talk about them.


Did Kanu bag a hat trick at Stamford Bridge when we won 2-3 ?


The tweet is about “assist hat-tricks”.


Amazing that we got him for Sanchez who could have went for free in 6 months. Fantastic business. He will flourish here.


Rumours were in summer 2016 we tried to sell Sanchez to get Mhki but Wenger changed his mind


I think Ornstein said the club and Mkhitaryan thought the deal was done but Mino Raiola was pushing United to buy him.


Fucking Raiola


Awesome performance. What a start to his Arsenal career!! I don’t think even he could have wished for more. But like all other things with Arsenal these days, I will be cautious with my optimism as there will be much bigger and tougher battles, especially away from home. I hope he continues in the same vein.




He had a crazy run of assists at the start of the season then collapsed. I just hope it’s not the same here