Henrikh Mkhitaryan (7)


If its a 433 then it isnt a midfield 2 is it?


Well probably not Wilshere given he’s never played that role

Although Wilshere as a holding CM may work better than what we have given Wilshere’s injuries and the fact he’s far quicker than Xhaka.


Depends on how you view it. When people suggested Jack and Miki playing I think they were refering to the CM pair ahead of the holding player. The statistical evidence still applies I guess

In any case the question was where the suggestion Miki playing in midfield came from.


Umm no it wasn’t, I’m the one who asked the question mate haha


That’s what I thought you were asking.

Didn’t realise you meant specifically Jack in a two man CM with no holding player. In any case it’s likely that if he did drop to midfield he’d play alongside Jack.


Nope very specifically about him and Jack together in a two. No worries though :slightly_smiling_face:


If his agent is quick he’s still got time to force a transfer on deadline day :speak_no_evil:


He’s a very direct player. Really like what I see though





Not funny. Stop it.


Luca people can post what they want. Maybe you cant laugh at us but others can and can find it funny


I am furious after today so i don’t want to laugh.


I really wish I could muster the same anger that Luca produces… his passion is unfading and in some ways it is what makes me resent Arsene the most - I don’t care as much now - I am numb to our capitulations… the opposite of love is not hate, it is apathy. F*ck you Arsene - sick of this purgatory.


it is sad that it has gotten to the point now that our once great manager is gonna go with people sighing relief instead of being sad, what a horrible way to go but he has brought it on himself.


Sigh of relief?

I’ll be throwing a fuck off massive party


Good for you. Other don’t feel like you so deal with it :wink:




What difference would it make if he wears 7?


Damn Euro bureaucrats