Henrikh Mkhitaryan (7)


Now that is an A for effort.


The CEO is this fat cunt so what do you expect? :xhaka:


Definitely can’t be real.



I’m pretty excited…


When you see a picture of this greedy, fat spiv, the only good thing is, it makes you realise that Kroenke isn’t the worst owner in the PL.
Not yet, anyway.


Why are they using the 11/12 home shirt?!


Probably because it’s not real… I doubt anyone could be that stupid


I’ll be calling him Micky Targaryen regardless so I’m cool with it :sunglasses:

Our dragon born Armenian prince


This would be the dumbest fucking shit I’ve ever seen if not for the Sanchez Manure video.


Buzzing for the league debut.



“Yo Robert, you wanna come out here?”



Well, if he wants to come as well he is welcomed :kos2:


I love him already



Fuck I can’t wait till Tuesday. Wish we played earlier.


He has the same birthday as my 4 year old


Good to know


Random pointless info but just had my first game with him at Arsenal in FIFA and he’s great to play with tbh. Got a great pre assist with a backheel hah


Hope he starts on tuesday. Want to see him immediately.