Henrikh Mkhitaryan (7)


Looks like Tarzan now, maybe that’s what they were going for


It means Auba will get 14, someone who can rock the shirt with style :sunglasses:


I think for the Europa League he should go for number 77, just write the extra 7 on with tip-ex


This banged on twitter :joy:


Haha that Wenger pic is so spot on




Who is Sanchez? :thinking:


I really want one of those gators.


Sorry, I still don’t get all this shirt number bollocks.


First training sesh



Mkhi’s already scored at the Emirates :wink:




Gonna be so much more of a team player than that Chilien lad we sold. Looking forward to seeing him properly intergrated into the side.




Sorry Olly, you need to make a room for Auba.


I’m looking forward to watching Muckytranny play Unfortunately Sanchez attitude changed the spirit in the camp . I’m not sad to see Sanchez go . At least with Muckytranny he won’t be disrupting the team .


Jesus fucking Christ. The state of that.


I hadn’t realised Mkhitaryan’s goal was voted goal of the year over Giroud’s. Bit weird, isn’t it, considering Arsenal always wins all the online votes, and Giroud’s was actually objectively the better of the two?


And Giroud’s was actually onside