Hello again!

Hey guys, long time no see. I used to be super active on this forum, saw you guys pop-up on Instagram and chatted with Bl1nk, I’ve wasted many many hours here and look forward to wasting some more.

Hope you’re all good, nice to be back :slight_smile:


Yes I recall you.
Good to have you back.

Fuck you for leaving. (I didn’t know what more to add)

Welcome back dude!

A blast from the past! Welcome back @Number8 ! It’s nice having everyone coming back :smile:

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Welcome back man :slight_smile:

Happy Birthday @RockyMaivia


@Number8 brilliant to see you back, always good to see old school forum members return to the fold.

There’s a thread somewhere about old forum members people liked or miss and you got a few mentions :+1:

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Hoh shit, long long time @Number8. Good to have you back old chum :+1:

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Welcome back old buddy old pal!!

I always preferred Number9.

Welcome back mate!

Welcome back. An OA legend.


Welcome back @Number8!

Can briefly remember you from when I signed up in 2010. Welcome back!

You :joy:

Welcome back, #8, I remember you too from the old OA

Welcome back mate!


Welcome back @Number8 ! I couldn’t recall exactly how long ago you joined OA, so I gave you a gold badge.


thanks everyone, nice to see so many old faces :slight_smile:

Welcome back Number 8, nice to see you return.

Hey mam wb!!