Héctor Bellerin (Out on loan)

So we’ve gone from insisting he is sold, to insisting he was loaned with an obligation to buy, now we’re just willing to loan him out without any future fee? Why are we such pushovers


Because we’re fucked regardless

We’ve played ourselves into a corner with all of our outgoing players and Corona has worsened it because no other clubs have money to buy

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Yeah all this and we have no stock left on the big stage.

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Will Bellerin leave?

  • Yes, permanent deal
  • Yes, loan with obligation to buy
  • Yes, loan with option to buy
  • Yes, no option to buy
  • No

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Bellerin 25m
AMN 25m
Willock 25m
Kola 10m
Xhaka 20m
Laca 20m
Eddie 20m

That’s 150m in outgoing sales guys we are gonna spend 250m net this window derpppppp :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:


We need to just say no point blank for loans of useful players in their prime. Yeah, we don’t need him but FFS we need to send a ruthless message and stop this bs.

Crap I voted what I wanted and not what I thought would happen, which became obvious was not intent when I saw poll results.

Loan when he’s still the best RB we got? I know some are down on him but I ain’t interested in watching Cedric for a single second.



I think Bellerin rejects the offer.

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Lmaoooo Bellerin too? Well reality is that these guys have been so bad under Arteta that they have no sale value. When we sack Arteta in a few months maybe we’ll get lucky with our next manager hire (because it won’t be a skillful smart hire so we need to rely on pure dumb luck) and the new manager can rejuvenate their careers and breath some life into the sale value.


Arteta and Edu are fucking goons. And not in the good Arsenal way.


I miss the good old days when our overpaid players would get to the end of their contract and then leave for free :santi:


Xhaka and Bellerin staying on good wages simply means the club has just packed it in and are content with finishing 5th-9th every season.


Xhaka at least you can make a case for being a system player and maybe a coach wants a player that can do what he can and can work around his weaknesses.

With Bellerin, he’s just a mediocre fullback on 100k a week. If he becomes a mediocre fullback on 130k a week then he’s here forever and we’re never going to try and improve.


Will wait for someone more reliable to report the contract renewal talks for Bellerin.

Extend the deal before to leave on loan?

Bellerin has lost the place into the XI in February in favour of Cedric and Chambers. Currently is the 3rd choice. Non-sense keeping him for another season.


Quit Fifa, mate.

Arsenal aren’t capable to collect a single penny. Loan deals or contract terminations.

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