Héctor Bellerin (Out on loan)

People are just happy to get rid of Xhaka despite us not having any better alternative currently ( I want us to rid him also as long as we get an upgrade ).

With Bellerin I actually think AMM is the better right back assuming he stays, although I want a signing ideally.


Our list of needed positions keep growing. Dani and Ødegaard back at Madrid so we need an 8 and a 10. Xhaka leaving so we need a 6. Bellerin now leaving so we need a RB, and we arent using Saliba so we still need a CB. Only about a 220m outlay if we buy decent players for those positions and a lot of work to do. Are we all still positive we are gonna get this done?

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We’re weeks and weeks into the window and we’ve managed to sell only one player from the shithouse list. And that’s Guendouzi who is fucking gagging to leave, and even then that is a shit deal.

This window looks fucked already as so much depends on who we can sell. And we’ve basically achieved nothing on that front yet.


In a word No.

Biggest issue I think is that we have a lot of players leaving but we aren’t making any money off them. A loan for Bellerin and like 15m for Xhaka is pretty sad. What other outgoings do we have? No news on Eddie. Nobody seems to want Torreira or pay for him. We lost Guendo for 8m :joy::joy::joy: just more and more shocking business.


Let’s not “pretend” it is shocking news…
We all kind of expected that, right?
Buy high and sell low, and paper over cracks… Arteta’s asscrack…

Were we expecting miracles or Arteta turn out to be some great manager?

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Italian media claiming that Inter and Bellerin have reached an agreement on a four year deal and now Inter and Arsenal are negotiating.

If they’re giving him a new contract it obviously can’t be a loan deal. But take the source with a few grains of salt.

The fact he’s tweeting in Arabic automatically ups his credibility by 20-30%.


Ummmm …. No

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Given it’s an Italian club we know the fee will be peasant like.


Can hardly blame them for persisting with the loan offer when you see the kind of shit deals we agree to

Tbh we need to demand cash up front from those broke ass mofos.


Wants to go hang out with Oli G. Don’t blame him. Might even have to look into a trip to Milan, myself.

You can tell they’re having a financial crisis with signings like those :bergkamp2: :grin:

I’m not complaining as I’m no fan of his these days, but it’s mad that the only reason we’re shifting players we probably don’t need is because they actually had enough of this shit.

In all fairness players like Bellerin and Xhaka joined a top 4 club with a legendary manager looking to mount a title challenge and they’ve been stuck at a Europa League club looking to mount a top 4 challenge that now isn’t even a Europa League club anymore.

You can’t look at players in their situation and expect them to want to stick around here indefinitely.

It’s only a matter of time before this trend leads to more crucial players wanting to do it.


What a dramatic drop off it’s going to be for Inter fans to go from Hakimi to Bellerin lol


Fashionista wants to go live in the fashion capital.



hate it when the players feel they can demand where they will go and not even try to entertain anywhere else because it makes it impossible for the club to try and get a good fee because you have no power then in negotiations