Héctor Bellerin (2)


The force is not strong with those two.


I of course know the character he is playing but it seems an event, so curious.

Also it looks fake as fuck.


C’mon it’s very obviously fake :joy::joy::joy::joy:



:xhaka: I am a cunt :face_with_raised_eyebrow:



Bloody Gucci boy!!!




And just like that we are absolutely up shit creak


what is with us with constant fucking injuries to our defense they are shit enough as it is without losing 3/4 of them. We just are a magnet to injuries maybe it is the way we play, we get fouled way too often which injures because most of our players are made of glass


Ohhh dear…


The only one of our back 4 + keeper that I’m content with being a starter is injured at the busiest time of the year, isn’t that just fantastic ?


Tbf, AMN is better at RB than Xhaka at left. Straws I know.




Looks like Inspector Clouseau.


Haha this guy. Style queen.


shit taste


Would have never thought of this, but we have missed his speed. Hoe he comes back quickly.


He is back.


Normal clothes cunt.