Héctor Bellerin (2)


Luca, you’ve been on OA for 7 years now. You know by now no one means any harm when we take the piss. Everyone takes the piss out of each other on here, don’t feel like you’re being victimised, ok? Just take it in good humour.


in all reality Luca in that photo looks like one of the street rats we have around here in the summer ‘oi mate can i nick a fag’ or 'oi geezer do you ‘ave a light’


If it hurts you i remove it. No problem.


Guys just constantly take the piss out of each other haha.


Bellerin been ripped apart plenty times against this lot too be no great loss.


Luca pmsing again


Learn to not give a fuck Luca. Or take better photos :slight_smile:


For who he was up against, he was my man of he match.

Almost perfect game from him defensively and offensively (apart from some dodgy shots)

Love it.

Keep the haters quiet.


Probably the man of the match along with Lucas. Fair play to him.


MY FASHION KING! :heart_eyes:

What a performance!!!


That’s the worst one yet. :rofl:




Gonna buy some fashion clothes to celebrate him next week.


Looooool :poldi: better get some Gucci


Too expensive. Some Tommy H. or Ralph Lauren :kos2:


More games like this and you can dress as much of a cunt as you like





WTFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF!? Is he for real? :bellerin:


Ffs lads.