Héctor Bellerin (2)


Really going for the Jimmy Savile look with that get up.


Well it seems like a Halloween related dress up to be fair, given the caption.


They were in the 90’s rave scene, but that’s about it :slight_smile:


In certain circles, bucket hats have been cool in recent years.

I mean, I don’t think “ket dealer at a festival” is a good look, but each to their own lol


Any word on if he’ll be ready for tomorrow?

It’s a nightmare if he isn’t…


Some people in my office were telling me a new term for the types of people willing to wear bucket hats at festivals.

It’s a descriptive term called “nitty”. Very interesting.


I feel like Lichtsteiner has been a more than acceptable stand in for Bellerin this season but he does provide a good offensive outlet which we might miss


I honestly disagree, I haven’t been at all impressed with him in most of his cameos this season. I worry about him in a match like this also.

And yeah, the big issue will be that we miss Bellerin going forward and he’s been great creatively for us this season. I think he has 4 or 5 league assists already.


No idea where your colleagues got that from lol. Nittys are just people that abuse drugs. They’re just fiends who people sell drugs too


Haha that’s jokes, I had no idea what they were talking about so I just took their word for it :joy:


Well, not that much because we first need a RB who can defend against Liverpool attack and Bellerin can’t do it atm.


Meh, I almost think we won’t be good enough defensively anyway, so maximizing our attacking potential is what is best for us tbh


Sports casual.
From the Alan Partridge range.


We are going to concede 1 or 2 goals regardless of who plays in our defence, so I think Bellerin is a loss if he doesn’t play as it limits us going forward.


Who’s this cool customer? :joy:


Wtf do you want? Fuck out tool.


I was just quoting Alan Partridge mate lol.

Skip to two minutes for the relevant part


Fair enough. I thought you were taking the piss.


Is that Will from The Inbetweeners?


Should have never posted that photo. Everyone is taking the piss. I guess you all look nice and not fat and full of booze.