Héctor Bellerin (2)



Doesn’t sound good


Hector Bellerin
Right thigh. Misses Blackpool (h), being assessed ahead of Liverpool (h) on Saturday, November 3.


Not too bad, then.


Can we get a meme of that?


Christ! I like fashion, but i am not a prat like him :face_vomiting:. You have to have a style to dress, cocky fucker :facepalm:


Only took two minutes for Luca to reply :joy::joy:


I can guarantee you i dress far better than him.





Christ, that’s me as a raver circa 1997


You look great Luca, honestly you should be Hector’s stylist 🖒


Cheers mate! Hector just has a bad taste for football and fashion.


Polo Ralph Lauren boy :wink:


Stylish and not cocky like Hector’s Gucci.


@Luca_from_Italy sitting on the fence. Never thought id post that.


The half zip jacket is actually nice :ok_hand:t3:


Hector’s style is just to wear what was popular in 1996, what’s old is new again. I remember when bucket hats were cool :joy::joy:


You mean you remember when lots of people were wearing them. They were never cool.


Bucket hats have never been cool, see Kevin & Perry.

As for Hector, he just always looks like giant a sleazeball, that “tache” is creepy as fuck.