Héctor Bellerin (2)


I thought he was obsessed with fashion, instead he is with junk food. Fucking fat lazy cunt. How didn’t he stop Chilwell?


That was Mkhitaryan’s job.



Well, i apologize to him. Two great assists. Need to keep it up because it is just 1 game.


His attacking contribution has improved ten fold. He has end product now and that’s something I’ve always been critical of him for lacking.


It’s not tho


First game he has really convinced me, tbh.


He is being told and taught what to do. Makes a huge difference to a player who always had the natural ability in him.


Yeah it’s really not just this game. From pretty early in the season it has been clear that he is going to be a pretty key attacking player for us under Emery, a lot of chances cometh through him. I’m sure he should have had an assist or two against Chelsea off those sitters we missed.

He’s still suspect as fuck at the back but these days I can grudgingly accept that if he’s showing that end product.


One of his best performances in the shirt.

He has been given a lot of stick but credit where it’s due he is doing the talking on the pitch, hopefully continues to improve his end product and defensive nous under Emery.

Good shit Hector.


Started slow, but then he really turned it on.

Good stuff.


Also, this is my favourite typo/autocorrect ever.


Iwobi coming over to his side helped a lot


Love his crossing by concerned at his lack of pace.

In a way that’s good because he won’t rely on it, but he needs to improve his defensive skills to compensate then.

Then he can become a beast RB.


He’s clearly been drilled on where to cut the ball back to. Our movements in the penalty area seem so much more practised as well.

Definitely feel like he’s lost some pace, probably through bulking up a bit more. Although I feel like it’s not just this season that he looks less quick than he used to.


Dat pace is gone bruv. Chillwell had him on toast for the goal.


I think it’s the system. There is just a lot of room behind our back when they bomb forward and Torreira can’t be anywhere.


You could be right. I suppose it’s almost impossible to say whether it’s the player or the system because we’ve only ever seen Bellerin play in teams who don’t have great defensive set ups.


In our set up without many proper wingers it was always critical that our wide defenders contributed more. Is huge for us honestly. People sometimes forget how big Cashley was for us in this regard.


He made some good defensive interceptions last night, obviously his forward play is more eye catching. I thought his positioning for the goal was suspect but I guess he thought Miki was covering that which he didnt.

Compared to last season he has improved massively, his final ball is much better his timing of his runs have improved and he is solid when passing. Yes he can improve defensively but I would rather a good defender who provides assists and gets the team in goal scoring opportunities than a superb defender who gives us nothing going forward in that position.

If you look at Alexander Arnold, Bellerin is a similar kind of player, looks good going forward looks average when defending. It’s a tough balance, one that City have found with Walker and Mendy. Those positions in modern football are crucial.